Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Weekend Scenes

This weekend was our first weekend home since summer started and our first weekend with options to do things outside the house in quite a while.  The weather was fantastic and we enjoyed all that we got to do.

Friday morning we went strawberry picking as they were delayed in opening but glad that we finally got to go especially since Tatum really loved doing it this year.

Friday night we went out for dinner outside and walked to get ice cream - it was so nice and refreshing to be out for a normal night.

Saturday was a low key day, playing outside and around the house, enjoying the deck and getting a little bit of housework done.

That night we went over to the country club for their first summer pool party and life felt normal again!  Tatum never wanted to get out of the pool.

Sunday was another nice day at home enjoying the great weather - we took a family walk on the trail and then spent some time getting a blow up pool setup for Tatum under the deck - happy to have this to use this summer since our pool schedule isn't quite as normal as usual.

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