Monday, June 8, 2020

Summer Bucket List

Things will be a little different this summer as we just reached the yellow stage on Friday and many things around us are still closed - I planned our summer bucket list this year as more of at home and simple items.  Tatum really vocalizes things that he wants to do and is at a fun age so I think we'll have a fun summer regardless.

Strawberry picking
Go out for ice cream
Mini golf

Fire pit nights
Seafood broils & bbq's on the deck 
Make milkshakes
Movie night on the deck
Make ice cream or popsicles

Pool days 
Water fun in the yard
Fly a kite
Feed the ducks at the neighborhood pond 
Paint rocks
Learn to ride balance bike

Our usual summer trips will have to wait until the fall but we're looking forward to a trip to the shore and a road trip to somewhere new!  Looking forward to fun things at the lake like going out for ice cream, tube and kayak rides, water balloon fights, etc.

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