Monday, December 2, 2019

Thanksgiving 2019

Happy Monday!  We're coming off a wonderful long holiday weekend spent with family and friends being thankful and also getting ready for this next season!  Wednesday afternoon we went to pick up our fresh turkey and a few final things then went over to my parent's house for a Thanksgiving Eve dinner.

Thursday morning we were up early and ready for Thanksgiving!  Tatum was very into helping in the kitchen - putting meatballs into the crockpot, getting into anything he could and sitting on a stool right next to me watching me cook.  Once we got everything ready, the four of us settled in for the parade.

We've hosted for a few years so we have things pretty much down now... My mom and Derek's mom each usually bring some things, we have our usuals we make and we start with appetizers of cheeses and cranberry meatballs early in the afternoon while we wait for the turkey later on in the day.  Tons of pies, chocolates, cake balls, etc. for dessert later in the evening during the Cowboys game too.

We had both sides of our families and Tatum was not lacking for attention one second - it was a great day having everyone together.

Thanksgiving also happened to be Stella's fifth birthday - we had a little dog cake for her and Nash which they devoured - Tatum loves blowing out candles so he helped too.  This was one of our more relaxing Thanksgivings, everyone left by about 8:30 and Tatum and I were into our Christmas pajamas and on the couch for a movie - he was asleep in about 10 minutes after playing all day.

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  1. I love how you guys always do an 'eve' get together for the holidays. Just extends the festivities! Your spread looks delicious, and you guys got such a cute family picture there on the stairs!