Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Holiday Weekend Scenes

We had a great time getting ready for Christmas this weekend. Usually this is my weekend to decorate the house but since Thanksgiving was so late this year, I had already decorated many of the rooms but we finished up the big tree, garland, the dining room, outside and a few little things.

We had a lazy start on Friday and then went to get our Christmas tree.  The farm we usually go to wasn't quite ready after Thanksgiving and didn't have a ton of trees out so we went to another local place and found one.

Our family came back over for a little bit and then later on Derek, Tatum and I went into town for a Christmas night as they had sleigh rides, carolers, etc.  It was crowded so we opted for dinner a little closer to home where it was quieter.

Saturday morning Tatum woke up to his elf, Bernard arriving back from the North Pole.  He doesn't totally get it of course, but gets it more than the past so I'm excited to do some fun things for him this year.

First thing up was decorating our tree, Tatum liked putting the ornaments on but also taking them off - I think he's past running up to the tree and taking them off now that we're a few days in... hopefully!   
We spent most of the day decorating and also relaxing - that night we had a family party as well as a party with friends so it was a busy evening.

Sunday Tatum slept very much in after having fun with his babysitting grandparents. On Once he was up, we headed to the mall for some sale shopping and lunch.  He came downstairs to find that Bernard left him some baking supplies - he loves doing the slice and bake cookies himself so we did that in the afternoon since the Christmas parade that night was cancelled due to lots of rain.

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