Wednesday, December 18, 2019

December Things

I can't believe how fast this month is flying by!  Decorating and starting to do some celebrating early helped to spread things out but I still wish we had another few weeks left.  We've spent a ton of time on the couch watching movies - Tatum's favorites are The Grinch and Mickey's Christmas.  

We made our family's Christmas drink, Christmas Cheer and have already begun sampling and enjoying it.  Tatum loved "helping."

Tatum's really enjoyed some crafting activities this year and I've had the best time doing them with him.  I've tried to space them out throughout the month so he doesn't get overwhelmed or bored. Making ornaments was probably his favorite so far.

Last Monday we had our fifth annual family Christmas dinner.  We all met up at the mall before for a little bit of final shopping then went to our usual Christmas dinner spot, Maggiano's for a great night.

Our living room is one of my favorite rooms and my absolute favorite this time of the year.  I've really enjoyed reading Christmas books by the tree in there this year.  Sometimes Tatum interrupts/joins me also.

He always wants to be just like Daddy and also loves helping...

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  1. Tatum in the living room in the middle of the couch is just the cutest darn thing! I can see why you love that room so much - it's gorgeous!