Thursday, May 31, 2018


It's been a while since I shared some life happenings so a bunch of random things today.  We've been able to do just a few deck nights (a lot of rain lately!) but we've really enjoyed our time out there.  This playpen for Tatum is awesome to use outside.

I usually try to get a walk in for each Stella (before Derek goes to work or if he's working from home) and Tatum each day - when we have time we do family walks at night too.

I didn't wake up at 4am but I was on the couch by about 6:30 for the Royal Wedding - I watched what I was in time for and then went back later in the day/weekend to watch the early arrivals and such.

Tatum always wants to be doing something - I'm glad the pool is open and we have some deck toys now (trying out soon!) but until we're in full summer mode we've done lots of playroom playing.

Baby food hasn't been the easiest but we're slowly working on it - he enjoys pouches but needs to learn how to use the spoon so we usually do a combo pouch for dinner and something spoon fed in the morning.

I usually do a weekly Target run and just fit in whatever I can but sometimes my mom will keep an eye on Tatum while I go - having the time to stroll the store and get a big cart load instead of a hand basket full is wonderful.

I love that Tatum is usually content playing in his crib for a little bit in the morning.  He also helped me do a closet clean out and get it ready for summer as well as put the 6-9 month clothes in and take the 3-6 month clothes out.

Lastly, he's pulling up onto anything/everything he can... Keeping us on our toes!

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  1. He is just so dang cute, Christina! Love that you do family walks - I need to start doing my own after dinner to get out and exercise some!