Thursday, May 24, 2018

Kiawah: Part Two

Our last day in Kiawah was filled with great weather and no plans.  We had a leisurely morning, some of us went to breakfast, some played with Tatum and we visited the hotel shops.

Usually we finish our days at the pool but today we opted to start there and spend the whole afternoon down on the beach.  Tatum loved playing with his new pool toys and took a few dips into the water then we all went over to the beach bar for drinks and lunch.

There's not much that's better than lounging on the beach! Tatum loves the sand and we had a bunch of playmates for him.  Since summer hasn't quite started the beach was pretty quiet which was nice!

Not a cloud in the sky and many hours spent doing nothing but enjoying the sun...

We opted to go back to the Ryder Cup Bar for dinner again because you can't beat those views - we loved another cocktail hour before heading to the patio for dinner.

The time of the year we went was perfect - just before the season really heats up - in temperate and with crowds and it got me really excited for this summer season ahead.

Until next year...


  1. This looks like the perfect day!! How wonderful to essentially have the pool to yourselves, too :)

  2. What a fun family trip and sounds like you got some amazing weather to enjoy the beach and the pool! Love the photo of you and your beautiful mom! Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

  3. What a gorgeous resort! That sunset... breathtaking!