Friday, May 18, 2018

Seven Month Favorites

Happy Friday! Our weekend plans are scrapped because of this never ending rain so we have a nice low key weekend ahead... including lots of Royal Wedding watching!

On Wednesday Tatum turned 7 months old, I can't believe it! Next week I have his seven month update coming but this was definitely the month with the most changes - it seemed like every week was something new.  I skipped 6 month favorites so there are extras for this month.  It's basically the three major categories we've hit lately... Play - we are playing ALL the time.  Eat - We've started eating solids this month and while it was off to a rocky start, we're slowly getting the hang of it. Teething - Anything and everything Tatum would like to put in his mouth.  Plus a few extras...

We've been playing so hard lately.  Six months he really noticed his toys more and seven months he was more able to play on his own, use his hands to hold things and crawl around to each toy.  The animal links are awesome because you can make about 5 link sets within the pack (I keep different sets all over from the one package) and he'll sit and hit the buttons on the glow light toy + his remote for minutes on end.  The ring stackers and blocks he got for Christmas and are perfect for his little hands at this point in time.

Starting solids did not go well for us at first - in fact it's something we're still working on and slowly getting the hang of.  The highchair is the best - we love it and you can easily wipe it down.  The spoon set is the one that has worked best for us so far (we've tried a few and also have a few for when he's older).  Waterproof bibs are a must as we always have food everywhere.  I love the little packages from the fruits starter kit because up until last night he didn't even finish one of those so it's better than wasting.

No teeth in yet but he's definitely teething - each day there is drool all over both of us.  I try to put a bib on him most days so he doesn't soak his shirt.  Anything and everything he can put into his mouth he will.  Any toy, any item.  These teething toys + any others have been favorites.

He's outgrown his infant car seat (sad day... especially since it was SO easy to snap onto his stroller) but the graco one we got is amazing - it was recommended by friends and I would highly recommend.  He can reach for things in the car now so we keep the giraffe as well as a few other little toys in the car for him to grab and play with. The nose cleaner I saw pop up on an add and after using the highly sought after frieda nose sucker - this is SO much better (maybe not for infants but for 3+ months).

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  1. Vivi loved so many of these toys too!! I hope y'all have a great weekend!