Friday, March 2, 2018

Palm Beach: Final Days

Today I'm finally wrapping up our trip to Palm Beach - adding the final two days into one post to finish it up.  We aren't usually away on holidays but this year our trip fell over Valentine's Day.  We started the morning at the hotel boutiques, for Tatum of course then it was off to the spa for me.  I gladly enjoyed a complimentary champagne before my massage while the boys strolled the golf course and played at the pool.

The three of us met back up for lunch by the pool.  We split a bottle of rose and got our favorite lunch meals one more time before the trip was over.

Another round down at the beach - Tatum loved the ocean sound and playing in the sand so it was great for all of us.  We kept going back down to the ocean to dip his toes in and rotated who got to lay in the sun and who was under the umbrella with him.

Like the other days, after a bit we headed back up to the pool.  

Around his normal time of late afternoon and after a bottle, he settled in for a nap and we enjoyed a happy hour in the sunshine. 

For Valentine's Day dinner we went back to the Seafood Bar... Derek went down early to put our name down and Tatum and I showed up for just a little bit of waiting - it's always fun watching the fish swim right underneath your cocktails.

We had a great both in the corner of the bar to accommodate Tatum, who fell asleep shortly into the meal.  Afterwards we took him for a stroll in his stroller - they lit up parts of the building as well as the fountain red for the holiday.

For our final day we were up and out to the pool bright and early.  We were able to get a few hours of sun before packing up our stuff to head back to the cold.

Tatum got a couple more dips into the pool and a nice nap out in the sun.  His nap meant a little relax time for both Derek and I. 

To finish things up we did a lunch at the seafood bar before we left for the airport.  Another wonderful annual trip and it was so special to have Tatum there with us!  Until next time... 


  1. That place is so picturesque! Your Valentine's Day sounds lovely and so fun that they light up the buildings and fountain!

  2. What a fun place to spend Valentine's Day! What a neat place to have a cocktail with a fish tank right under your drinks! Tatum is starting to look more and more like his daddy :)

  3. Champs and a massage sounds like the perfect way to kick off Valentine’s Day! I’m glad that y’all got to enjoy so much time at the pool and the beach before heading back to cold weather!

  4. What a fun trip! So glad y'all had great weather, too!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  5. Complimentary champagne sounds amazing too! I am glad that you had a fun time at The Breakers and enjoyed that beautiful weather too! :-)

  6. What a cute beach baby! Good to hear Tatum loved the ocean. Sounds like you guys got lots of relaxing and some pampering in. Your Valentine's family dinner date night sounds so fun and lots of great food! xx Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

  7. Oh Tatum is such a beach baby! Looks like it was super fun time at the Breakers.