Monday, March 26, 2018

Five Month Favorites

Before we know it Tatum will be hitting the half a year old milestone.  He is much more active now - putting any toy he can into his mouth, rolling all over the place, bouncing and jumping in his activity centers, "standing" on our laps and trying his little hardest to crawl.

He loves playing with his sister, moving around in his walker chair and still enjoys naps in his swing even though he's getting very close to out growing it.  

We are much more into toys now - he'll grab onto anything - so that should make Easter basket opening this weekend more fun.

We borrowed this one that he can bounce in from a friend and we have another activity center that he can move around in and he'll play in both for long periods of time.

This is our newest item after trying out a friends and we haven't put the toy bar on so he can just play with his little rattles on the tray.. he moves all over the place in this but usually in the backwards direction.

Since I didn't do favorites last month, this is more of a four month and on favorite - once his hands were free he was an even better sleeper - especially now that he rolls over.

Always a paci boy, this brand is officially his favorite - I seem to always have to order though as we're always loosing them.

This is another favorite that's been used for a while - I used to pack my powder in a little zip lock and would spill all over and then I saw a friend dump hers into a bottle and it was like magic - this is a must have!

I'd say these are Tatum's favorite toy at the moment - we have two and he's getting a few more for Easter - he loves the crinkle sound and will "read" just about anytime a soft book is in front of him.

He loves these because they are both a snuggle toy to play with and something good he can put in his mouth.

These as well as any stroller toy he loves for any kind of play - when he's in his car seat/stroller, to play with on the table of his walker or use on his playmat on the floor.  Anything with the little hooks that he can hold in his hand or put in his mouth.

His number one favorite rattle! Loves many different kinds though.

My parents got him this for Christmas and by about four months he was ready to sit in it and play so this is another that's been a favorite for a little while now.  It lights up, makes noise and is a fun place for him to sit.


  1. We looooved our jumper and walker! All great things that we loved!

  2. We just transitioned the girls to the Halo Skeepsacks and I love them! Addy does so well now that she can soothe herself by sucking on her hands. We’re looking for an activity saucer thing so I’ll definitely check out the Baby Einstein one!

  3. So many great toys! Serena looooved her jumper and walker, but why oh why must they put everything in their mouth?! *Sigh* I'm still waiting for that stage to end ha!
    Green Fashionista