Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Tatum Beau: Five Months

I can't believe my sweet Tatum is a month away from being half a year old - the time has flown and each month gets more fun than the last.  This month he is very "into" things and wants to be entertained, playing, on the go, etc.  


We don't go back for him to get his height and weight checked until 6 months so no update on height/weight.

We had our first real sickness about at about a week over four months.  He couldn't go about a half hour to an hour without diarrhea and was getting a little dehydrated - of course this fell while Derek was out of town on a work trip so left for my parents house.  After about three days, he was finally improving!

From his sickness he also had the worst diaper rash and would scream when having his diaper changed - I felt so bad.  Using wet paper towels instead of wipes, diaper cream and baby powder helped in time.  He had a little cold with a cough and snuffles but nothing serious.  

Still tons of drool and teething definitely underway.  Instead of only filing, we cut his nails for the first time and it went pretty well - much easier than when we tried when he was younger.  


He started out the month in a mix - usually 0-3 for outfits and 3-6 for onesies.  By the time he reached 5 months he fit well into 3-6 outfits.  

We started offering him 7 ounces for his first and last feed - sometimes he'd take it all and sometimes he wouldn't.  He'd usually average at about 6 ounces but sometimes with a few closer feelings at night he'd take a little less.

Usually I'll just fill the bottle, let him take what he wants and then about an hour later he wants to come back for a "snack." 

He hasn't liked the Tommee Tippee bottles as much recently and more prefers the comotomo - I think he'll be ready for a fast nipple soon.  

He spent most of this month in his pack n play - when we got back from Florida, Derek left for a work trip right away so while we stayed at my parents he was in the pack n play with his dock a tot and we've been home/away since then and that was easiest so we figured that would be a nice transition to his crib -- which we will switch him over to this month.  

He's had some fussy days here and there because he resists his naps and such so here and there it's harder to put him down during the day.  

We've started to put him to bed between 8-8:30 and he usually sleeps through the night until 5am and then after a quick change/bottle until 7:30/8:30.

He wants to crawl so bad - he certainly doesn't sit still but still doesn't crawl yet - he won't stay in the place that we left him for long and can easily move himself around. 

He's playing with more and more toys.  He really enjoys holding on to rattles.  He loves playing with his feet and grabbing at his toes.  He has two jumpers and activity centers that he'll sit in and happily play sometimes for up to 30 minutes each.  One of his very favorites is still playing on his changing table - he loves to lay kicking on it.  He loves playing, laying on his activity mats and playing peek a boo.  Riding in his stroller is the best - I can't wait until it's warmer and I can take him out more often.

Being hungry, waking up hungry, having a dirty diaper and not much else!  He hates being overtired and has started to fight going down for naps this month.  Another big dislike is his nose sucker as well as his saline drops.

His biggest milestone was rolling over! He started rolling from his tummy to his back about a month or two ago but he's been wanting to roll from back to front for a while now and getting close.  He finally did it at a week over four months and was so proud of himself.  Now we're to the point that he'll roll over as many times as we will let him. 

He's really able to support his head now - to lift himself up on his stomach while playing, for me to hold him on the side while walking, etc. 

He's started noticing his feet more - he loves laying on his back and grabbing them, kicking them up in the air and playing with them.

He "talks" - he loves jabbering and has really started to find his little voice and make all sorts of noises, getting louder and louder.  


While Derek was on a business trip he and I stayed at my parents house for almost a week - it was great having the extra hands.  He had a few other playdates over there during the month.

It hit 70 degrees here so he got to wear a little short sleeve onesie and pants at home for the first time and loved getting a couple walks in.

He went to the country club for the first time - a few times actually.

He survived his first power outage - for an entire weekend and many snow storms.

He isn't on any kind of strict schedule yet - we just go with the flow and that seems to work well for him.  We've noticed some more hair on his little head.  He loves when we let him play in just a onesie with no pants - he loves having hit little legs free so I know he'll love the warmer weather days.


  1. He's just so cute!! I remember loving this age with my boys, when they first start moving around, picking things up and really engaging with you. It's the best!

  2. aw that sweet babe. rolling over yay!i mean we all love to live life sans pants :) i dont blame him haha

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. Oh he is so cute. I love all his toys.

  4. He just gets cuter and cuter!! It's so fun to see him starting to learn things and getting more aware of everything around him!

  5. What a fun month! (minus the sickness and Derek being gone) He seems like such a happy baby!

  6. Sweetest little thing! And what a GREAT sleeper! Holy moly, neither of our kids slept that long during the night at this age. You are a lucky momma!

  7. He is the sweetest little dude!! He and Stella are going to have the cutest relationship!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  8. It seriously sucks so much when babies are sick because there’s only so much that you can do for them! I’m glad that he got better and hopefully the warm weather will come and you won’t have any more colds! And having parents around to help is the best! We loved that when we went on vacation this past week!

  9. Ugh, I hate when they scream like that during diaper changes! Knox gets THE WORST diaper rash (our pedi said he's just prone to it, poor guy) and the only thing that works on his poor little bum is Calmoseptine. I order mine from Amazon and it's not expensive at all -- clears him right up in a day or two.

  10. YAY for rolling over! But booooo to being sick especially while dad was away. I always feel so helpless when Serena is sick, and just add extra snuggles <3
    Green Fashionista