Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Palm Beach: Day Three

Since Tatum was with us we didn't want to only do the pool/beach each day - we tried to have some kind of activity each morning since he likes being out and about.  

We left the hotel I think for the only time during our stay - to head over to Worth Avenue for some strolling, shopping and lunching.  We tried to get over right when the shops opened so we could get back for a long time out in the sunshine too.

We finished up our time out at one of our favorites for lunch - Taboo.  They got us a table out of the way so again, we were able to enjoy easily with Tatum.

We got back to the hotel and made our way straight out to the pool.  I got a few minutes alone in the sun and the boys relaxed in the shade.

We tried to get Tatum into the pool at least two times each afternoon since he enjoyed it so much - he loved riding around on his float and also being held by us.  

To keep things easy like the other nights, we ate at the hotel.  Babies were allowed into the hotel bar/lounge, HMF until 10:30, so we had no problem getting in and out well before that.

After taking Tatum for a little bedtime stroll, we called it a night.  A little different than our usual of staying out late but we didn't mind the low key evenings!

Our final days tomorrow... 


  1. Tatum's cheeks are so cute! Love the picture of him with the ladies at the store.

  2. I agree with Emily--his cheeks are the cutest!!! Vacations with him seem to be the sweetest :)
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  3. What a gorgeous resort! Glad Tatum got to enjoy lots of pool time and strolling through the shops. Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

  4. Look at Tatum passed out in that last picture! I bet that he was tired from all the shopping and fun at the pool! That’s so great that he loves the water so much!

  5. Those flowers are beautiful! I want that arrangement in my house ;) I love that he enjoyed the water so much!