Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Travel Recap: La Jolla

We started off the new year in California - we traveled out with family and met some family friends there for a wedding as well as vacation.  We spent most of our time in La Jolla and the weather was great - not super hot but mid-high 60's, occasionally 70 and usually sunny. 

We left the morning of the big snow storm and slowly made our way to the airport - luckily we were one of the last and only flights to get out - I didn't pack two people and a baby to get stuck at home (we basically threw things into the suitcases the night before because we partially thought we'd be cancelled). It was Tatum's first flight and he did great even with sitting on the runway for two + hours while they closed the airport.  We were joking that it was his favorite part of the trip - smiling, laughing and napping - he even got a little set of wings.

Since we'd been a little delayed we all settled into the hotel and grabbed a drink and snack at the outdoor lounge.  We met a group of friends for dinner at Trulucks - a delicious seafood restaurant that we could walk to - bed early of course because we'd been up since 4am east coast time.

Everyone woke up refreshed and early (west coast) after meeting in the lounge for breakfast we headed out to La Jolla Cove which was a highlight - the views were great and we spent a while watching the sea lions.

To continue our afternoon out we explored around downtown La Jolla and stopped for a Mexican lunch at Jose's.

The pool was mostly in the shade so it wasn't super warm - our time there was limited but enough for Tatum to dip his little toes in for the first time.

Everyone else went to the rehearsal dinner on Friday night but we didn't want to load Tatum up and take him so Derek, Tatum and I walked to dinner - we had sushi outside on a patio with heat lamps - it was great... and Tatum slept through most of it.  

We met back up with the group for a cocktail by the fire pits at our hotel.

Next part tomorrow... 


  1. La Jolla is one of my favorite places in California!! Such a great idea to skip the rehearsal dinner and let Tatum adjust a little more!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Your trip weather sounds perfect! And all the pictures of Tatum are just so darn cute. So glad you guys were actually able to make it out before the storm got too bad!

  3. oh so pretty! the location and your family :) i cant handle his cute little outfits! so glad you guys got out without a cancelled flight. i know packing up a kid and a family is a ton of work! and i'm glad he flew well. sounds like a great time!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  4. Such a beautiful area for a wedding! So glad you guys made it out before the airport closed, and Tatum did so well on his first trip <3
    Green Fashionista

  5. I loved following along on your trip to La Jolla. It looked so relaxing and definitely the weather was gorgeous!! Glad that Tatum enjoyed it too!

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  7. The weather looks gorgeous for some exploring those beautiful accessories! And now I'm craving sushi! It's awesome Tatum was a trooper on the trip!

  8. Hello from the UK! Tatum is so adorable, and that food looked delicious! I have been to La Jolla once ( I have relatives in Rancho Santa Fe, San Diego but live in England) - it is so pretty - and the weather looks amazing! All the best, Europafox x