Friday, January 26, 2018

Travel Recap: Beverly Hills

Finishing up our trip to California with the final part today - we drove up the coast for our final few days and while it rarely rains in CA we got the only two days of rain for just about the whole month.. womp womp.  Monday we were still able to go to lunch and a winery as planned - just a different winery inside.

Traveling with a baby... we pulled over into the Malibu Country Mart to feed and change Tatum in the backseat after diving up from La Jolla.

Even though it was drizzling we were still able to sit outside under cover at one of our favorites, Nobu Malibu.  Last time we were there I was pregnant so I was dying to get back for some of my raw fish favorites.  We got to listen to the ocean and Tatum seemed to love that.

Since we go to California a few times a year we had enough favorites to quickly switch plans with the rain - we went to Stonehaus Winery which has a great outdoor section when dry but also undercover with fire pits so again, we were still able to be outside - always one of my favorite places to stop!  I had the Pinot Grigio wine flight and we shared a cheese platter.

By the time we got to the hotel the rain was in full force so no pool for us! We had a leisurely afternoon before enjoying one of our other favorite meals - dinner at The Polo Lounge.

Tuesday the rain was non stop so our plans to walk around and pool it up were definitely cancelled - I was so sad, we treasure our time out west and as were only there a few times a year it was definitely  a bummer - will certainly make me look forward to our next trip even more and I'm thankful we can get back.  

We had a lazy morning by the fire and then Derek and I alternated who went to the spa and who watched Tatum.  We tried to venture out for lunch and split a burger and some apps but the rain was just too heavy (this was during the mudslides) so we parked ourselves at the hotel, watched a movie and relaxed by the fire and waited until dinner time.

Since we love the food and didn't want the hassle we decided to eat at the hotel again tonight - same meal for me and a different pick for Derek.

We had half of the day on our final day and the sun was shining, things were warming up and we were up early - still a little bummed about our final crappy days and starting to get ready to get home.

We split a breakfast at the hotel before doing a little bit of walking around - it was good to get outside... finally!

It broke my heart when I was feeding Tatum his bottle by the pool and other guests were heading out to lay out - there's always next time! We did a quick lunch outside since the cafe was finally open before heading off to the airport to come home.

Traveling with a baby - all our bags! We definitely learned a lot and will work on our packing for the next trip but all in all Tatum handled everything great, we managed all our bags and made it home.

The perfect ending to an unplanned and not the best two days was surprisingly the staff at Hertz - when we went to drop the car off they offered to drive us right to the gate instead of making us take the shuttle.  They said that they try to cater to and help out moms and young babies - I was so thankful and it was so nice!

Like the way out, Tatum loved the plane.  He was a tiny bit more fussy since he's usually better behaved in the mornings but we made do and I'm so thankful for his behavior and how easy going he was!


  1. I’m sorry the weather was so dreary, but it definitely looks like y’all still made the most of it! What a great little traveler Tatum is going to be!

  2. That stinks about the weather! It sounds like you made the most of it, though!

  3. Love reading about your Cali adventures!! Such a bummer it rained on your last full day, though.

  4. Sorry you had to deal with crappy weather but it definitely sounds like you all still made the most of your trip together!

  5. That's super unfortunate the weather was bad on your last few days but your food pictures have my mouth watering!!!

  6. I hate it that it was rainy, but staying in and watching movies and relaxing seems really nice! Y'all will just have to go back sooner rather than later!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  7. Bummer it was so rainy on your last few days but sounds like you guys made the best of it and still got to enjoy some great restaurants. Tatum is such a cute travel companion! Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

  8. I’m glad that your first trip with Tatum went smoothly, except for the rain of course! I know how much we pack for just a car trip and I have no idea how we’d consolidate that for a plane trip!