Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Christmas Eve(s)

The Christmas season this year was a blast - having a baby made it all the much better but also overwhelming, exhausting, busy, etc. at the same time.  Last week over break we unexpectedly just shut down, were lazy and relaxed - it was as wonderful as the great Christmas.

We always start celebrating on the 23rd - Christmas Eve Eve.  This year we switched from our usual beef stroganoff to a crab cake/seafood bisque dinner for family.

On the 23rd of December my wrapping table is usually put away, all the wrapping done, we're good and ready for the holiday and such - this year my table never got set up - just rolls grabbed when needed and all the wrapping was done on the 23rd, ha!  After appetizers each family member took on a job and helped us finish wrapping and get ready for Christmas - it takes a village, but we made it!

After everyone left, Derek and I poured ourselves a glass of Christmas cheer, got the cinnamon rolls ready for Christmas Eve and a breakfast casserole into the crockpot.

Every year our Christmas Eve starts off with the same breakfast - casserole, cinnamon rolls and fruit at my parents house.  I used the baby sitting help to finish up labeling my gifts.

We spent the morning over there relaxing and lounging and Tatum was in his first of many festive outfits for the big day.

Per usual on Christmas Eve we went to an early Italian dinner and church - it was Tatum's first time to church and we were a little late going into the service after a diaper change and bottle but he did wonderfully - ironically the only time he was fussy was during Silent Night and instead of lighting my candle this year I held him on my lap.

After church we got into our Christmas pajamas, laid out cookies for Santa, read The Night Before Christmas and got things ready for the next morning.


  1. You look so pretty and it looks like you guys had a fantastic christmas! thank you for sharing your photos <3
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  2. Your holiday celebrations all look like so much fun! I’m sure Tatum loved them all :) I love your breakfast traditions too- YUM!

  3. I giggled about your wrapping table. Isn't it funny how the smallest person in the house can cause so much chaos? Enjoy it all! :)

  4. Aw, that's a great story to tell him each year: how he was fussy during "Silent Night." ;) And I agree with Holly above: how can one tiny little human cause so much change?! Haha, I'm still figuring it out four years later! ;)

  5. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas!! I can only imagine how having a baby around made the season so much sweeter!

  6. Loving all of Tatum's festive outfits! All that food looks amazing, and I'm craving those homemade cinnamon rolls <3
    Green Fashionista

  7. I love all the celebrating and traditions you have!

  8. I totally feel you on the feeling way more exhausted this Christmas than in years past because of the girls, but it made it that much better having them here! All of the extra help really is so wonderful, especially when you need to get things done like wrapping! All of Tatum's outfits are so adorable, and I love that y'all read The Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve too!

  9. What fun Christmas traditions you are starting with your little family. Next year will be even more fun with Tatum running around!