Thursday, December 7, 2017

Meeting Santa & Other Christmas Activities

It's only Thursday?! We've had a busy week around here and doing this season with a baby might definitely make shopping, getting ready for the holiday, etc. a bit tougher but it makes it so much more fun.  We've been having a blast with Tatum doing all sorts of things.

First up, meeting Santa - I think when the season is over he'll have "met" Santa about five times at different events but I wanted to start the tradition of going to see the mall Santa right from the start - I can't wait to display the different photos each year.  We saw Santa, which to be honest this year was pretty boring, grabbed a fun lunch and then did a little bit of shopping - Tatum slept through most of that except when he wanted a bottle! 

To start off last weekend we went out to dinner with friends but then stopped by the local park on the way home as that was the night of the tree lighting and all the light display throughout the park was all lit up! 

Saturday brought another day of festivities - the Santa parade which wasn't that great, meeting Santa... again.  Sleeping through it... again.  Then out to lunch with friends.

To finish up last weekend we went out to a little family dinner then walked over to our town's tree lighting in the little square close to our house.  I think this will definitely be a new tradition for the three of us.

We've also been enjoying lots of quiet nights at home, eating late dinners, watching Christmas movies and enjoying some downtime during this busy season.

Have a good day! xx 


  1. Tatum looks so sweet all bundled up!!! I love how much Christmas you guys are getting in!

  2. You guys are really giving Tatum the Xmas experience! Love the Santa photos! We have Santa breakfast this Saturday for Ella and I'm looking forward to it!

  3. OMG that first picture with Tatum and Santa is absolutely adorable! 😍

  4. So many fun Christmas activities with Tatum!! Love all his photos with Santa and his little Christmas outfits

  5. What precious memories you are making! It will be so cute comparing all his Santa pictures each year as he gets older!

  6. You guys have been up to so much Christmas fun! I think it's a cute idea to display the Santa pictures each year - Tatum will get out a kick out of them when he's older!