Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Tatum Beau: Two Months

He had is two month appointment on Monday the 18th and weighed in at 12.5 pounds and 23 inches long.  50% percentile for each - I always laugh when people say "he's getting big" and tell Derek I want to say back he's perfectly average! 

At his two month appointment he also got a handful of shots and other than a few whimpering cries and being pretty tired he handled them well.

Right at about a month old he started getting into his 0-3 month clothes which is good because mommy bought a few Christmas sale items over the summer and wasn't sure if they'd fit but they do! He's spent much of the month in Christmas-y outfits.  He's continued in that size for the whole second month and will continue to do so for a bit.  He's still in size 1 diapers but I think we're going to be going up to size 2 pretty soon.

Our little guy loves eating! He started the month at four ounces every three hours and now we offer him five - sometimes he takes it all, sometimes he doesn't. If he's getting a good nap in during the day, especially if we're out, he can make it four or so in between.  At night we've started around dinner time feeding every two hours and noticed that it helps him sleep longer.

Just after a month really started hitting at least a four hour stretch over night.  At about 5 weeks we switched his schedule a little and started doing his final feeding at 11 and putting him to bed then, up around 3-4 for an overnight feed and then up between 6-7 for the day.  Most recently he just started hitting six hour stretches overnight so with the holidays its tough but ideally we try for around 10pm to bed, up around 4ish, up for the day around 7 (many days he's still on the going to bed late, up about 8 or so schedule because of the holiday craziness).

He sleeps so well while we are out - loves his car seat, riding in the car and being pushed in his stroller.

He's not a huge cryer - he'll get fussy if he's been in his swing too long, on his playmate too long, kicking in his crib too long, etc.  Cries if he's hungry, wet or dirty always.  We had a fairly fussy day after his two month shots but other than that and the usual witching hour some nights - I can't complain! 

Looking at christmas lights, laying and kicking, pulling hair, seeing things - he's seeming to be much more alert and picking up on things, cuddling and watching Christmas movies, watching rattles be shaken.

Since I don't have time to share his two month favorites this month - a few favorites are his playmat, his crib (he doesn't sleep in it yet but loves when I lay him in to kick in the morning), his sound app, rattles, his car seat, his car mirror - he loves looking around.

Not much - being hungry, dirty diaper, having his nails filed, getting nose drops.

My favorite milestone is that he's started to laugh and smile! It's the sweetest thing to see.  My mom was asking him items that he might like for Christmas one day and he'd smile back at a few - safe to say he's definitely getting those, ha! 

Started making some noises other than crying, much more alert, loves looking at lights and other things, we play with some rattles, tummy time and he kicks on his playmat.

He survived his first shots at the doctor, him and I get out much more on our own and feel somewhat like "real" people. 

He's getting a little better at holding his head up and bopping it around.  He loves when we're walking around the house or out if I hold him facing out so he can look around. 

He doesn't usually go right back to sleep after his first morning feeding as he used to so now I love any time he falls asleep in my arms after a feeding with his little milk drunk smile. 

We had our first weekend away - to Penn State for the final home game of the season.  For his first road trip he was an angel - slept the whole way up and just a couple tears on the way home (we got stuck in traffic and he was hungry!)

He's had more playdates - some neighbors made us a delicious dinner and had us over to meet him, he's been to friends houses to play (he sleeps in his car seat - but he's there!)

He celebrated Thanksgiving with a low-key dinner at home.  He's done a ton of christmas activities - gone to the mall for shopping and santa, tree lighting, dinners out, went on a Santa train ride, etc. 

His eyes continue to confuse us - usually we see blue and on occasion brown.  His hair is brown but out in the sunlight sometimes gets a strawberry blonde looking tint.

He had thrush at his one month appointment so for about ten days we did medicine 3/4 times a day to clear it up - he had a real fussy few days before being diagnosed.  It came back a little bit recently but is quickly was fixed up with some medicine.  He doesn't mind the medicine - I think he thinks it's a little snack. 

He uses nose drops just about once a day now, we're always using the nose sucker and he has a dose of vitamin D in his morning bottle each day.


  1. He's such a sweetie and I giggled at your perfectly average response LOL! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Oh. My. Goodness! I cannot believe Tatum is already two months old!!

  3. Wow that want by fast! He is so cute! I love the one where he is stretching, he looks so snuggly! Enjoy every moment!

  4. So glad to hear everything is going well! It looks like you have so much fun with him. I love that he’s perfectly average, lol!

  5. How is he already 2 months!? He's getting so big and is as cute as ever!

  6. oh my word he's so cute! and the smiling and laughing is really one of the best things ever to see them develop. perfect :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  7. Oh my gosh that picture of him stretching and the one with his red hat.. SOO CUTE. He is such a sweetie and I am glad that he is doing well. I hope that you guys have a wonderful Christmas with you family! :-)

  8. My goodness, he's too cute! And love that pic of Derek with both babies <3

    Green Fashionista

  9. He's too cute! You can see how alert he is just looking at these pictures.

  10. He is getting cuter every day! How has it already been 2 months?!

  11. He's so incredibly adorable! That's awesome that he's already in 0-3 month clothes so that he could wear all the Christmas outfits that you bought for him. And the baby smiles really are the best!