Wednesday, November 15, 2017

First Month Favorites

Tomorrow will have been a whole month with our little guy.  We've certainly figured out some favorite items, and just a few non favorites...

Tatum pretty much likes all his "seats" - his swing, rock n play sleeperdock a tot - he's pretty happy wherever we put him down which is awesome.  When he first got home from the hospital he'd only take the soothie paci   then started loving the wubbanub. He loves any little blanket to be swaddled on him during the day time if he's being fussy and has done well in the halo fleece sleep sack at night (we'd bought a few brands to see what he likes best).

The bassinest might be big but it's amazing - our bed is high so it reaches right up to us easily. He loves the vibration and sound features to fall asleep too.  A bonus is the dock a tot fits right into it - I feel like he's more secure with that - he looked so little in just the bassinet by himself.  The rock n play sleeper is great for napping - he can sit right next to me at my desk and sleep for a bit but not as long as the other two items.

These little washcloths  we've been using to cover him up during changing so we don't get peed on and they work great plus they are inexpensive.  The medela bottles have been working the best for us with slow flow nipples.  We usually just warm them up in a coffee mug with hot water.  The nuna car seat is amazing because it's light and can connect right onto the stroller.  He can sleep for hours in there.  The car seat cover is wonderful since... germ season.

He loves this sound app on my phone - at night we use the white noise (we haven't used the sound machine yet - just this as he's settling down then nothing) and during the day we use different sounds and it usually calms him right down.  The owlet monitor is a bit pricey but it's great for comfort at night.  With it monitoring his oxygen/heart rate I feel more comfortable sleeping at night knowing if something was wrong that the base next to me would sound.

Things we didn't really need were the little hand mittens, bibs and bodysuits - we didn't want to pull much over his head.  We could have used more of (and quickly made an errand for) hats, thicker blankets (to cover him in his stroller to stay warm), wash cloths, zip onesies, wubbanb.


  1. I can imagine that the owlet gives you the piece of mind you need at night - I know I'd be getting one for sure!! Can't believe it'll be a month tomorrow! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Our boys LOVED the Rock N Play and those Soothie pacis! :)

  3. Keep sharing!! I love the recommendations - making our registries :)

  4. You're so lucky that he loves all his seats, it took a little while for Serena to get used to her swing but then girlfriend decided she loved it and would nap in it for hours. The owlet is huge for peace of mind, and we still love our white noise machine. It's nice to be able to go about things around the house without worrying about waking her up during naps or after her bedtime. And the mittens! Yeah, we needed those too, and bought some more not realizing we'd need more than we had. Thankfully, you only need them for the first month or two. Yay for the first month and alllll the baby snuggles <3
    Green Fashionista

  5. I'm glad to hear you like the Owlet because I definitely ordered it, the peace of mind for it is really what I'm after. You know I wrote like everything down :)

  6. It’s been a month already?! WHAT?! Haha. Time flies. You seem to have such a good routine down already, which is so nice! Like always, I’ll keep these things in mind. :)

  7. I can’t believe that Tatum is already a month old! I couldn’t agree with you more about the Nuna car seat! We love ours and that it fits perfectly in our stroller too! The girls also love the soothies and the wubbanubs too!