Monday, November 13, 2017

Thanksgiving Inspiration

The holiday season always sneaks up but I think this year with the focus being on Tatum during his first month, it's come even quicker! Next week.  Since it's Tatum's first big holiday and our first Thanksgiving in the new house we're going to host just a small amount of family here then go to my aunt's for dessert and then a friend's house to finish out the night.  

Even though we're hosting I'm just doing a small amount of the cooking, my mom is bringing a few things and Derek is handling the turkey.  It's time to start finalizing the menus, figuring out the tablescapes and getting outfits together...

Last year I had plaid tablecloths and runners special for fall/Thanksgiving but this year I think we'll keep it simple.  With a new baby to tend to while setting up I think I'll use the neutrals in our dining room as a base and go from there.  We have these cute "Thankful" wine glasses that add a small Thanksgiving touch as well as some Thankful placemats and turkey platters/pumpkin plates and such.

I'll grab a few floral arrangements from Wegman's to put on the kitchen island where the food is setup along with some of the pumpkins I have around the house and think that should do it!

We go pretty traditional with all the usuals - and plenty extra for leftovers.  I like to try to find one or two more unique items to sneak onto the menu - last year I made this chopped autumn salad and it was delicious so we're going to include it again this year. My mom makes a delicious sweet potato casserole but these sweet potato bites would be a fun addition too.  For a final small side I'd love to serve up some mushrooms - these buttery mushrooms & bacon or this stuffed mushroom casserole would be perfect.

We always pick up pies from a local farm and some fudge while we're there but I'm not the biggest pie fan so I always like to bake another sweet treat too.  Seeing as we're stopping two places for dessert - I'll probably bake extra items to have some things to bring along with us.

These apple crisp shortbread bars would be a nice touch or for a good chocolate fix this peanut butter fudge trifle looks delicious.

It's no secret that I love my family to match - I'm thinking plaids and navy for us - Between being in the kitchen and a newborn that can spit up on me something darker is best.  I'm thinking to go with a top like this one (on sale today for just $30)!

Tatum's still in his newborn cloths but I ordered a little plaid button up (on sale today for just $6!) and pants for him that will hopefully fit by then.  He also has this little turkey onesie for earlier in the day.  Derek's easy and can just throw on a navy or cream sweater and be good to go.

Happy Holiday Planning! xx


  1. Oh I can't wait to see your Thanksgiving set up. Even with keeping it neutral, I know it will be fabulous! And that autumn chopped salad sounds really good, as does that stuffed mushroom casserole. I love stuffed mushrooms and make them in a casserole form it such a great idea!

  2. No matter what you do, your home will look gorgeous for the holiday. Can’t wait to see! So many exciting family firsts for you this season!

  3. Yum! I'm officially hungry, and couldn't be more excited for Thanksgiving! And you already know how much I love those Thankful wine glasses <3
    Green Fashionista

  4. I am really glad that I read this post after I went to the gym! Haha. Everything looks and sounds delicious. That table is beautiful and I'm sure that yours will be too. I also love those wine glasses!! :-)

  5. I love a good tablescape! I always have grandiose plans for ours and then the meal takes over and it always looks good anyway because...FOOD!!! :)

  6. Such a pretty table setting! I'm hosting this year but I don't think I could create anything that fancy. The stuffed mushroom casserole sounds delicious! Never tried anything like it.

  7. Tatum's first Thanksgiving is going to be so much fun!! We are hosting for the first time this year so I've got to get going on figuring out recipes and making lists this week!

  8. I love that table setting, neutrals are always a winner! I cannot wait for Thanksgiving! I know you will have such a great time celebrating Tatum's first!

  9. oh Tatum's first Thanksgiving is going to be so wonderful!! Who doesn't love a good table setting!!

  10. My mouth is watering just thinking of Thanksgiving <3
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  11. You are SO brave hosting! Super mom forreal!