Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Holiday Weekend Scenes

Thanksgiving always officially starts for us the day before - we do a fun family night every year for Thanksgiving Eve.  We all got to my parents house just before dinner time for relaxing, cocktails and appetizers then a soup dinner - my mom had a few crockpots going for variety and I was in charge of the apps.  Tatum and I cozied up by the fireplace to work on our Christmas lists.

After a long day of traveling for day trip on Friday we dropped Tatum off at my parents and went out for a date night and by that I mean enjoying some appetizers for dinner and running in Target for Christmas lights and such.

Sometimes we just both get ready together... 

On Thanksgiving everyone brought Tatum a few toys that he could enjoy this season and each year to come so while he played on Saturday morning we got them set up in his playroom. 

Christmas tree picking! Mine and Tatum's first time - more to come on that fun day.

Saturday night we had a bunch of family over to watch the last Penn State game of the season before the bowl games.  

We set out early on the last day of the weekend to take advantage of a few sales and have lunch just the three of us.

A walk with both my kids - not the easiest handling both of them but we made it through and enjoyed the slightly warmer winter weather.


  1. Tatum's expressions are cracking me up...almost like he is saying, "is this what I am in for? ALL of these pics?" Ha ha- he is so precious and I love seeing him part of your holiday traditions! :)

  2. Such a fun first Thanksgiving for Tatum! I love the Thanksgiving eve tradition that you have- sounds like a great way to get extra family time in! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Aw, so sweet! Yay for date night -- and haha, yep, quick runs to Target have been our standard "date night" since having kids. ;) So glad y'all got some time away!

  4. omg that last photo with the hat. sweet! i like how you guys start thanksgiving the night before - makes sense to me! and yay for a date night :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  5. Omg his little hat in the last pictures - I can't! Looks like a fun holiday weekend filled with family and alone time :) Love Tatum's monogram on the wall!

  6. Y'all had a pretty busy Thanksgiving weekend! I love that y'all had a little date night and were able to get out for a little shopping too!

  7. Tatum is just too cute! I love all your app spreads - they always look so good! And it's so fun you celebrate Thanksgiving Eve - such a great tradition!

  8. Love the family photo of you 3 bu the Christmas trees! The spread at your parents looks delicious and I'm sure it was nice to run out for a quick date night.