Thursday, November 30, 2017

Christmas Bucket List

December hasn't even started yet and Tatum has probably worn about four Christmas onesies, picked out and decorated the tree and met Santa - as much as I already love this season, he's already making it so much fun for us.  In addition to usual things we like to do, I want to do so many more things this year - even though he has no idea, it's just fun for us to be parents and do them!

Baby's First Christmas: To be a mom at Christmas is the bet - I'm so thankful that we have our little six week old to enjoy this season.  The "baby's first ornament" is on the tree, I want to make one with his handprint, decorating his playroom,  reading him Christmas books, all the little pajamas and any crafts/activities we can do with him. 

Christmas Tree Picking: This is a new one! We've always done fake trees but Derek has always said when we have a baby he wanted to do real - we've already crossed this off the list - gone to the Christmas tree farm, explored Christmasland while we were there, picked our tree, came home and got it set up and decorated... four days later and have been enjoying it since!

House Decorating: This is our first year in the new house and I've been excited to decorate it since we created the floor plans - I'd been thinking of where to put the Christmas tree since the first round of house planning.  Our three fake trees, real tree and a bunch of decorations here/there - we didn't really decorate our townhouse outside so that's new too.

Christmas Lights Night: Driving around, listening to Christmas music, hot chocolate and now with a baby in the backseat and puppy in the front.  There's a little lit up Christmas Village in town that's always a stop along our way.

The Nutcracker: Adults only and I wasn't sure if we'd get to it this year but for our third year we'll head into the city, walk around to some of the Christmas displays, have dinner and see the show.

Santa: This is on the list every year but with Stella.  This year taking a baby will be so much fun and I can't wait to take him each year and see how it goes.  We'll go another time to "dog" day with Santa so Stella can still go too.

Gingerbread House Making: Making the houses, baking cookies, we want to have a full "gingerbread" night. Hoping to make this a tradition with Tatum as this is another new one on the list.

Local Activities: Santa parade, Christmas tree lighting, neighborhood party, Christmas train ride, etc. we'll try to fit in what we can of the activities going on each weekend.

Make Christmas Cheer: Our family Christmas drink, we make a few batches each year, let it ferment and then enjoy!

Christmas Cards: We could barely get around to taking our Christmas card picture this year with a newborn but I like to get these in the mail as early as I can - receiving them is just as fun.

Wrapping: I always joke if I could get a December side job wrapping at Bloomingdales, I would.  I love picking out my wrapping paper theme, making my own bows, etc.  I always set up a wrapping station and get to it.

Hosting: Christmas Eve Eve, an extended family Christmas dinner, a neighborhood party and any little happy hours/casual nights we can - I love having people in our home at Christmas time and while my hosting isn't quite what it use to be as I usually have a baby in one arm and one arm to work with - it's still fun.

Everything Else: 
Christmas shopping
Watching the Christmas movies... all of them
Annual family Christmas dinner
Angel tree gifts
Elf on the Shelf 
Christmas Eve breakfast 
Food bank delivery
Advent calendar

Have a great Christmas season! xx 


  1. So many fun things to do this season! We have to make Ella's handprint ornament too--I just found it from her baby shower gifts the other day (now to find where my husband placed it lol)

  2. Sounds like the perfect holiday list!

  3. Sounds like the perfect list!! Isn't Christmas so much more fun with a baby?!

  4. You are going to have a full and wonderful season! I love that you are adding in new traditions with Tatum - it's going to be an even more special Christmas!

  5. So fun, and it gets even better the older they get!!!

  6. You are so right: Christmas is so much fun with kids! :)

  7. I love your Christmas bucket list! I should come stay with y'all for a while to get to partake in all of the activities!
    Sarah at

  8. Just reading your list puts me in the Christmas spirit! I’m sure everything is just so much more fun with sweet Tatum & he will cherish these traditions as he gets older!

  9. Knowing you, you'll accomplish all of this and more! And, you already have. :) I'm sure this is an even more special time of year now with Tatum. I'm excited for you to make all your new memories and traditions!