Monday, September 11, 2017

This & That

It's been a while! Between the holiday last week, our anniversary and an extra long weekend at Penn State I just unexpectedly took the week off and it was great to substitute the blogging time for putting my feet up during a busy week - things have calmed down now and my plan is each week that we get closer to the baby to have less and less to do.

Holiday Weekend:
We skipped the lake and Penn State and opted to stay home for a quiet weekend with lots of house work/baby things to be done.  We started off the weekend with friends for a fun night out.

Saturday was the best - college football was back! After sleeping in we did some cleaning and such with Game Day on in the background and it certainly felt like fall as it was strangely cold/rainy. After Penn State's big win we just settled in for a cozy day filled with take out, baby washing, online shopping, organizing and relaxing.

Labor Day:
This was our first sunny day all weekend so we took full advantage! We took Stella for a long walk on the trail and spent most of the day at the pool before grilling with friends to close out summer.

Three years already!  It was another cool and dreary day so we canceled our city plans and switched it up to a day date - appetizers at the hotel we got married in and massages!  We opted for Italian takeout in our dining rom (which had never been used) and some anniversary cake to finish the day!

Baby Prepping:
The week after shower went to Babies R Us to gather much of what we still needed.  We used our completion coupon which was great.  I love that target had in store and online except my online code didn't work and I have to wait another week for the new one.  For PB Kids the holiday sale was better than the completion - as is waiting for most of their sales.

Other Scenes:
33 weeks and still my favorite dress - also have it in navy/white and plan to wear them all through September... 

A little baby sprinkle for a friend - any change to use festive toothpicks and enjoy cookie dough balls.

Appetizers/happy hour for at home date nights is one of our favorite "dinners."


  1. You guys have been busy!!! Happy belated anniversary - sounds like you had a wonderful celebration! And are almost all ready for Baby with your shopping!

  2. So much going on - I'm surprised you have any energy! My friend was 39 preggers yesterday and we went out to lunch for one final hurrah before baby and wouldn't you know she started to go into labor right after she got home from lunch :) Happy Monday! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. This all sounds like so much fun -- and so much productivity! Can't believe only six or so weeks until he's here! Yay!

  4. Y'all have been busy getting ready for baby boy! I love that he already has some fun football decor in his room - gotta start him on the right teams from the beginning ;) Have a great week!

  5. Y'all have been up to so much fun stuff! I bet finishing up baby prep is so exciting, because the next step is for him to be here!!

  6. Appetizers at home is one of our favorite date nights as well! We love using nights like that to play a board game or two and then catching up on a few episodes of our favorite shows!

  7. Y'all have been super busy! I'm glad that you were able to get a lot of the additional things that y'all needed from your registry, and that you got to use the Stork Parking too! That's the best!

  8. Glad you've had a mix of fun and relaxation the past few weeks!

  9. Sounds like you all are on top of things!! I'm sure having all your items purchased and organized makes you feel much more ready to go. Can't believe that sweet baby will be here so soon!

  10. I really love that dress on you, too! Happy belated anniversary and so glad you had a great but laid back celebration! Sounds perfect to me!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  11. Happy Anniversary! You did a great celebration! Getting so close! Your bump is just too cute in that dress!

  12. I absolutely love that dress! I am so impressed you are still on the go this late into your pregnancy, you go girl!!

  13. What a fun past few days!! So much excitement getting ready for Baby S!!