Friday, September 15, 2017

One Month Left (Third Trimester Confessions)

Early next week I'll hit 36 weeks and we're a couple days away from being a month from my due date - time has flied by and other than some typical pregnancy symptoms - soreness, lack of energy, etc as well as a little unnecessary stress... and not being able to enjoy a cocktail, I've really loved it.  

Some days I would forget I was even pregnant (well - not now, but earlier) aside from it being a little harder getting out of a chair, harder to get comfortable sitting/laying down and some aches and pains recently, I can't complain and am so thankful for that.

Eating less than I thought... I thought being pregnant I'd be like "eat all the things" - which I do but I fill up so quickly now - if I have a big lunch, dinner is usually out (then again if I have a small lunch I'm usually starving for dinner).

So many baby clothes... I can't help myself! I've wanted a little one forever and the baby shopping is just so cute! We have a closet full but once I washed it all I was like oh, not quite as much as I thought and recently have been adding to the collection - we have an array of sizes and are for sure good to go for a while.  I can never pass up a good sale and usually do most of my shopping then.

Ready for normal clothes... This week has been warmer so it was back to my usual dresses and while I have a few fun fall maternity pieces, I'd be lying if I didn't say I was so looking forward to a post baby shop session - to pass up on the "start of fall shopping" has been tough.

Miss clothes browsing/sharing... On that note, it's been a minute since I've done a normal Friday picks post and I miss browsing the web for my favorite looks and accessories (now it's all home decor and baby items) but I'm making it a point to search this weekend and share next week and I can't wait.

Size up shoe... My feet had a couple days of swelling last week (it's hit or miss by the day but rare now) - I ordered a few old navy flats in a half size up then they came and were too big, ha! I put an insert in so they'll work swollen or not.  I wear flip flops or something supportive most days - if not my feet are killing me by the end of the day - I'll look forward to my cute shoes soon... 

Our high bed isn't cool anymore... We have a nice high bed which is fun and all but it's starting to become work getting in/out of it - we got a little step stool last week to put next to my side and it was the best $10 spent!

All the cookies... I've been loving chocolate chip cookies - preferably two different store brands (so has Derek!) one morning I had one before 9am - oops.  Another day I may have had more than the serving size - hey, some for me, some for baby.

I hate Derek's car... I'm an SUV girl in general and have already convinced Derek that he needs an SUV for his next car too but his car is low to the ground - not the easiest to get in/out of and has leather seats making it so hot on hot days - I complain most days we take his out over mine!

My plan was/is to have everything done about a month early... We've stuck pretty close to this one - the nursery/playrooms will be finished up this weekend, size newborn/0-3 and 3-6 clothes are washed and hung in the closet (bigger sizes are boxed and put away until ready), we've got tons of supplies and after a few little things next week I'll feel ready to go.  

I wouldn't mind being a week or so early... I definitely don't want to fall into the "late" category as most women don't but I'd love a week or two early and to have an early October baby as opposed to closer to Halloween and the start of November - Derek's birthday.

I misjudged the bump... I had a few maternity clothes that I was waiting and waiting to wear until my bump got bigger - I thought it came out for show much earlier and am still surprised it's not bigger than it is - totally not complaining though.

I cried over a vacation... My emotions have been pretty in check the past 9 months - a few random cries here and there over stupid things that we laugh about but recently I cried because we aren't going on our annual Dallas trip this fall - I'm so excited for baby and can't wait to take him next year but something just came over me about missing out.

I'm more go with the flow then I thought... I haven't worried much, haven't put too much thought into anything, barely read any of the baby books I got and the only real prep we have is a hospital tour next week.  Derek and I both sort of have just gone with the flow the whole pregnancy and had a relaxed mindset - hoping to carry that over into being parents :)

All the diapers... I figure why not buy now while it's "fun" as opposed to a chore.  We had a friend give us a ton of leftovers to get us started and from there I've slowly gathered some in other sizes without going overboard but giving us one less errand to worry about once he's here.  And the wipes too - all the cute little packets.

Thanks for stopping by - Have a good weekend! xx 


  1. This is a fun update! So happy for you!! You're almost there!! I love that you got stepping stool for getting into bed lol

  2. Haha, oh the third trimester! It was so uncomfortable to me! Great idea buying diapers! I bought them in various sizes before Knox was born and it was so helpful to have them on hand.

  3. I can just imagine how hard it is to get out of a lower car - I do that myself now, and I am sure it is times ten being pregnant! Way to go being ready for baby and sticking to your timeline pretty closely. That is awesome!

  4. I drove a small car when I was preggo with Jacob and by my second trimester I had to go out and buy an SUV. I couldn't get in and out of the car. haha.

  5. Love the honesty!! You look great! Hang in there...almost done!!

  6. Good idea on stocking up on diapers now! It definitely becomes a chore (and a guessing game). I think being go with the flow is good--I'd recommend reading up on some things like what to expect the first few days at home, jsut so you have an idea. But really, it's all kind of trial by fire haha.
    It's ok to be upset about missing your annual trip--I've had to give up some things since having the baby that I wouldn't have wanted to, but it's just this season of life. And you've wanted this baby for a while so there will be plenty of time for Dallas! :)

  7. I think you have such a great attitude with the whole go with the flow thing. I hope that carries into labor for you, ha! You're fortunate that you've had a relatively easy pregnancy and were able to enjoy it. I don't blame you about all the baby clothes - they're just too cute!

  8. I totally know what you mean about having it be hard to get in and out of a low car! That's my biggest struggle with my husband's car too!