Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Baby Registry

The big baby registry post... my baby shower was a month ago and we got so many wonderful things. We had a separate list of a few things to get on our own and then spent the past month working on anything that was left and was needed sooner than later - items for when he's a few months old we can work on in the future.

I was so excited to make the registry but it is for sure overwhelming - there are so many items, so many brands, etc!!  I picked a few places to register because each had different things to offer but more on that below.  I went by the registry guide of needed items, did research, looked at a few friends registries and asked moms what the must have items were.  Our house is mostly neutral (with touches of navy - perfect for a boy!) so I tried to mostly stick with neutral items that would blend in and could also be used for any gender in the future.

In addition to needing things for the house I'll have a nursery at my office and we are on the go a lot so we needed a few pieces for travel so I tried to find a variety of things to test out.

All I've heard is how the halo bassinest is wonderful - we just put it together recently and it looks as great as it sounds.  I picked up a few different types of the sleep sacks to see which baby prefers and I'm not sure who will love the sound machine more Derek/I to keep noise out of the babies room or the baby enjoying the sounds.

Though my love for navy - my diaper bag is black/tan so for the pack n play I stuck with that theme plus it will go with the neutrals in our house.  I heard the zip up onesies are a must for sleeping and of course a few bedtime prayer books. 

aden + anais stroller blanket (other blanket favorites...

I've heard to try out a few different bottle types to see which baby likes most so we went with comotomo and tommee tippee along with the medela ones that come with the breast pump.  I opted for the boon drying rack in white because - neutral.  A recommendation was to use the muslin blankets as burp cloths since they are longer so I picked up a pack of those for burping in addition to normal burp cloths and some simple white bibs.

cotton muslin bibs set (also love the cute for outfit sets too)

Travel/On the Go:
Out of all the stroller brands the one that we both agreed on most was Nuna (we also picked up the maxi cosi during the Nordstrom sale). I like that the Nuna carseat can go right into the stroller - especially in the beginning - we do still need to learn how to use both - this weekend! We saw a friend use the baby bjorn carrier and knew we needed it - Derek is dying to be the one to wear it.  

As we head into cold season I knew a car seat cover was key.  All the little needs like pacifier clips and wipes, stroller toys, a stroller holder, bottle carrier, etc.

Two things I love the idea of - the anywhere disposable pads for changing and what not and the tote savy.  I didn't get a diaper bag just a tote and will most likely switch between a few so I love that you can keep everything organized and move it from bag to bag along with a couple other little needs.

nuna car seat (& stroller adapter)
tote savvy insert (a few of these logan and lenora items: wet dry/changing pad/pouch)

Diapering & Bathing:
We have a few tubs to start with - a little foam insert for the sink as well as the 4moms tub and the angel care baby bath support which looks like it'll be easy to use especially in the beginning - along with a handful of towels and washcloths - you can't help but splurge on a cute little bathrobe. 

We picked a few different varieties of bath products to try but Johnson & Johnson and Honest Company topped the list.

As far as diapering - pampers swaddlers are our pick for now and the ubbi diaper pail seems to be quite popular.  

We have a second changing table downstairs so having a diaper caddy makes things easy to keep a few extra supplies down there.

This category could go on and on - all the little toys are so cute - and I have christmas list started for sure. We tried to only register for things that we needed sooner than later and are set for when he is finally big enough for some play time.  

I love all the books and stuffed animals - I can never pass up a chance to flip through the baby books and add to the collection.  Sohpie the Giraffe is my favorite and I love all the accessories that come along with her.  Another recommendation was the dreams soother and the classics like a play mat, activity center and jumper.

Not everything listed above was registered for - some things we had on a list for ourselves and some we borrowed including a few of the items below.

Everything Pottery Barn Kids is adorable and two of my favorites are the dog playmat (looks like Stella) and the rocker - they were such great treats as gifts!

Everything 4mom's is popular and we plan to borrow the mamaroo from a friend to try out.  Things like the highchair and baby monitor set we researched endlessly and picked up ourselves - again 4moms seems to work great and for the baby monitor it was recommended we go wireless and with an extra monitor.

4moms high chair (also have my eye on the ever popular ikea one)

Favorite Clothing/Accessory Brands:
I'm addicted to shopping for little baby clothes - I like doing it now while it's fun as opposed to a hurried errand.  I have certain styles I like, certain colors and such and have slowly worked up a nice little wardrobe for our guy - his first few months will be during the holidays and I'd rather enjoy the holidays then need to be out stocking up on things.  

So far my favorite brands are polo, kissy kiss, little me, the carter's just one you line and a few of the gerber pieces from target.  I like soft and easy and simple little outfits.  

I can't stop myself from browsing Etsy - the monogram items are too cute - clothes/accessories and I love some of the more old fashion looking pieces.

Where to Register & Registry Perks: 
I registered at Babies R Us, Target and Pottery Barn Kids - each had pluses and minuses but I liked them all.  I've heard amazing things about Buy Buy Baby - we just don't have one super close, although after browsing their website I've seen some things I like to order myself or save for Christmas so I might make a little one there just to keep things organized.

Babies R Us gives a 10% off completion discount to be used once in store or online - we made a list of necessities we needed after the baby shower and went for those items with the discount and will just order whatever else we still need as time goes.  The company did just announce bankruptcy, however, so we'll see what their future holds!

Target gives a nice welcome bag (we may have gotten a few of them) and offers 15% off completion coupon - once to use in store, once to use online.  My only dislike is that my online code didn't work and I'm still waiting for my new one.

Pottery Barn Kids offers a 10% discount also but you're better off just using one of their sales for items you still need.

I'll be sure to share our favorites once the baby is here and such... xx 


  1. So many cute things! I love seeing all the different baby things - it just amazes me how much there is! I know my sister in law and brother had a diaper caddy downstairs, too and it definitely was put to good use and I know they loved being able to do that and not have to always go upstairs for a diaper change. And the bags organizer seems like a great idea, that way you can switch up your totes as you like!

  2. Girl you pretty much rounded up anything anyone would ever need! Saving this post for when that time comes! xo, Biana-BlovedBoston

  3. You are going to love that DOHM sound machine. We have TWO (ha!) in Knox's room, one in Walker's and one in ours...and we travel with every single one of them. The Baby Bjorn was so helpful to me because I could never get all of that wrapping down correctly with things like the Moby, etc. And good call getting a high chair without fabric; it's the biggest pain having to wash that fabric insert daily. We also LOVED our Puj bathtub sink insert for the first few months (they're so tiny and slippery and bath time is literally 10 seconds) and then used the AngelCare when they moved from the Puj and could sit up in the tub on their own. Great picks!

    I always laugh because I tried to keep things as neutral as possible, too, but I swear kid toy and product makers think it's hilarious to make every thing a primary color, and we joke that our house now looks like a day care facility! ;)

  4. oh look at all the goodies! you're gonna be set if you have all of that! (but what do i know hehe). i love love pottery barn kids for decor and all that. and i love the neutral theme with navy. you really cant go wrong with the classic colors and themes! cant believe it's so soon you will meet your little one!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  5. I felt like registering was so hard because I had no idea what in the world we'd actually need! This list is really great, and I love that you're going to try out the Mamaroo before committing to it. I also can't stop with Etsy and Pottery Barn Kids! Both just have so many cute things!

  6. Well, it certainly seems like you're all set! I'll have to tuck this away for future reference. :) So many cute little things!

  7. Looks like a great list of products!! I would recommend grabbing a few pack of those cloth diaper inserts. They make great burp cloths, especially if you have a little one who spits up! The Aden and anais ones are nice but just not as durable with the spit up situation!

  8. Smart to try out the mamaroo. Some kids love it and others hate it. We didn't get one because of the price tag and no guarantee that baby would like it. Did you get the rock and play with the auto rocker? That is a LIFESAVER! We would not have made it through the first couple of months without that gem. She slept SO WELL in it!

  9. Registering for baby stuff was definitely overwhelming! I spy several of my favorites from ours that came in super handy! The Boon drying rack, Pampers Swaddlers have worked the best, the Dohm white noise machine (a life saver for naps and bedtime!), and the Ubi diaper pail. We went with that instead of the Diaper Genie because it takes regular kitchen bags, and it's steel instead of plastic so it doesn't absorb all the stinky smells that will be discarded in it ;-)
    Green Fashionista

  10. This list is everything! Those muslin swaddle blankets are all both of our babies ever needed. We tried the fancy swaddlers and they both hated them. Give them a good muslin blanket and - perfection. Once they got a little older (3-4 months) we started using the Halo sleep sacks and they both slept in those until they were almost two because I'm sure you already know, no blankets/pillows/stuffed animals in the crib with them until they're at least one! We waited until both of them were almost two before we allowed anything soft in the bed with them, mostly just because I'm super paranoid of those kinds of things. Also, Pampers Swaddlers are THE BEST!

  11. All such great picks! The rock n play will save your life!!! Also, if you haven't purchased that high chair yet, don't!!! Get the Ikea one! $20 compared to $300 and it looks the exact same!