Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Pregnancy: Weeks 33-34

As we get closer and closer to the end things get busier and there's more I want to remember so I decided to change these posts to every two weeks.  After my next appointment next week my doctor's appointments will move up to every week.

33 weeks (left), 34 weeks (right)

Baby's Size:
Cinnamon Bread (33 weeks) - 17 inches, 4.2 pounds according to the baby app
Bundt Cake (34 Weeks) - 18 inches, 4.7 pounds according to the baby app

It's a boy!

Best Moments/What We've Been Up To:

33 weeks: A busy week - this was a "do all the things" week.  I started to get the baby clothes washed and hung up/put away.  We finally took the time to somewhat get the playroom/nursery organized and things put away instead of just piles everywhere.  I got our newborn photographer set up (a big cross of the to do list).  We also took time to slow down this week and relax - we opted to stay home from Penn State for the first game in order to get a lot done and better enjoy the upcoming games and we made sure to get in time to relax, see friends, etc.  The long weekend was great to relax and catch up to not feel as overwhelmed.

34 weeks: This week was a whirlwind - Labor Day, our third anniversary and an extra long weekend at Penn State.  I had a doctor's appointment (my last of the every other - switching to weekly next time!) and all was well - heard the baby's heartbeat and got a shot.  It was great being back in State College - looking forward to getting up there as much as we can this fall.  I got pre-registerd at the hospital and it was nice to cross that off the list.

Lots! He is always on the move and especially as I'm drinking water - I can usually feel he perks up then.


I'm just waiting on one rug at PB Kids to go on sale and order and a few other decoration items to come in and it should be pretty much set up.  This has been so much fun!  The final touches are starting to arrive - some wall hangings and items for the bookshelf.

Maternity Clothes:

Starting to slowly get sick of them! We've had a few cooler days so I'm starting to transition out of my usual dresses but love a good leggings/t-shirt combo.  With the Labor Day sales I tried to order a few nicer tops for evenings out.. less than a handful but when that weather changes and you realize you have nothing to wear out it's like "oh, okay."

I've noticed flip flops are my most comfortable "summer" shoe for walking around as opposed to wedges/other flat sandals so on the last week of summer I was out picking up a new gold pair.


My usual clothes - I love seeing all the fall stuff out but am trying to wait until post baby to pick up some new things.  With tailgate season, certainly missing my cocktails.  Sleeping through the night - nights when I wake up just once for a bathroom break (which is pretty regular) are the best - two times a night is just annoying. Bending over to pick something up easily haha!


I've been wanting all the drinks lately - and really craving that post baby cocktail - I don't even like beer that much and Derek's ice cold beer bottles look so delicious! It's more if someone says something delicious it's like okay, I want that very soon.  I've definitely felt a little more hungry lately.

Feeling... Symptoms/Sleep:

33 weeks - Can all the symptoms hit at once?! Kidding, it's still not that bad but I've definitely been sore this week (resting over the holiday weekend helped a lot!) Sore feet, itchy feet (which I thought was because of being pregnant after googling but just went to realize I had some bug bites), pelvic pain - its more right when I stand up or move around in bed.  A pedicure was a treat for the sore feet!

A few tears because I bought some candles - on sale - just to notice right after I walked out I had another coupon for more of a discount - Derek helped me sort it out though.. and a few days later we laughed. Was feeling a little overwhelmed but much better after finally having time to sort, organize and see what w still need.

34 weeks - My feet! It's hit or miss on the day but some days they are just so sore - a few days they'll be swollen by day's end and back to normal when I wake up the next day - I ordered a couple cheap pairs of flats from old navy half a size up just in case.  Massages/Icing at night definitely help.

Noticing weight gain a little bit easier but it also looks some mornings as if my bump grew overnight so there's that! I had the worst leg cramp one night so bad it woke me up and left my leg sore for a couple days - a few stretches helped to clear that up.  Some days I have more energy then others - I love just sitting down and putting my feet up each night.


After getting lazy the week of the baby shower I've been good about morning/night walks - they just make me feel better and also help keep the weight gain down.  We took Stella over for a nice long walk on the trail on Labor Day.  Walks are definitely slower and probably shorter than usual but at least they are being done!

Dad to Be:

Derek's been great - I keep reminding him that his loud cheering for the Cowboys will have to soon switch to soft cheering as I'm sure his mini me will be doing lots of football watching with us.


33 weeks - all of the things with labor day sales!!! Still finishing up what we need right now from the registry and saving the rest for later, I got some baskets and a rug for the nursery so we have most of what we need up there.

34 weeks - A new dresser was delivered and the old one taken away, I did a few online orders of little things and the nursery rug was delivery so things are very close to being done.

Happy, Moody & Final Pregnancy Things: 
Happy! Some recent weeks were pretty stressful but things lately have been great.  My belly button is still in, my wedding rings are still on (they get a little tight on some of the hot summer days spent all outside) and so far so good... 

Excited For:

33 weeks - Our anniversary is next week! Usually we take a trip but obviously it's getting a little late to fly so we have a fun day planned out and dinner at night.  There's a lot to be done this weekend and a ton of errands but I'm looking forward to it all - I can't wait to check things off the to do list and go into September with much less to do.

34 weeks - Our first weekend of the season at Penn State - we're heading up Thursday to Sunday so there will be lots of time to relax but I'm sure also many late nights.  

Getting the baby book started.

These lambs that were part of the floral arrangements for the baby shower can be pulled off and become pull toys - to start they'll serve as decorations on the bookshelves until he's ready to play with them.

Dad Derek getting the stroller put together.

a little baby shopping... outfits just like Dad.


  1. Even though you are getting sick of your clothes, you look so cute in those dresses above! Pretty soon you will be enjoying that cocktail!

  2. I love all the stripes you're rocking and that baby book is so cute! Getting close girl! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Awe, I can't believe you're getting so close! Love that you already started a baby book, it looks so cute.

  4. You are so cute and getting SO close!!! Don't worry, you'll be out of the maternity clothes soon, but I do understand that tough time during the seasons changing. The end of mine was right when Spring/Summer was hitting and most of my clothes were warmer weather. Head to Target to get some cheaper things to get you through to the end is my advice. Motherhood Maternity was also pretty reasonable and they had cute things

  5. Aw, those ultrasound pictures are SO SWEET! Love how much y'all are accomplishing. He'll be here before you know it!

  6. Love that maxi! These last few weeks will flyyyy by! I definitely need to update Vivi's baby book gosh I feel like I never have time to do stuff like that :(