Friday, December 26, 2014

Our Little Christmas & Friday Favorites

Our Little Sotherden Christmas 
Santa came early to Casa de Sotherden - Since we had to travel on Christmas we decided we'd like to have a little time to relax in the afternoon before we took off and didn't want to have to rush our little Christmas so Derek and I celebrated early on Monday night at 214.  We tried out Teikoku (a very talked about sushi place right down the street) and then came home, put on our pajamas (which accidentally were matching - which I loved, and opened our presents.  It was a great little night
We ALWAYS take an obligatory "stocking picture" at home on Christmas morning so Derek and I got our first stocking pictures at our new home this year too
In addition to the accidental matching pajamas - we also each got slippers - bring on the comfort in 2015
I was good this year and Santa did good
The look of a happy Christmas morning night - I received two texts the next day reminding me to pack his new blue tooth speaker for our travels
Welcome to the Man Cave - it's official - half of the basement (NOT the half with the bar) has a man cave sign, which will hang in the stairwell
While the family was over to celebrate my birthday 2.0 on Sunday night, Mom and Derek snuck away to wrap my gifts - Derek proudly said, "Mom wrapped, I did the bows" - this one got me, proved that and showed Derek's style.
*later on Mom said Derek was a PRO with the bows and whipped them out pretty quickly
Our first little Christmas was a wrap and a successful one at that - so blessed for a very fun evening together and new memories

this was a big week, I just HAD to get all the remaining Christmas movies in before Christmas hit - they make great background noise and entertainment during Christmas tasks - I still have a couple holiday movies to watch over break and Christmas Vacation which for some reason always get watched after Christmas.  But seriously I just love that the grinch doesn't wear any clothes, I just want to hug him. And Max.
Nash's Christmas at 214

And then this happened… Nash spotted the gift pile and a gift that he thought was for him - we could not get him back downstairs, we finally got him to come down and about ten minutes later we noticed he was missing - Mom and I went up to find him like this and were hysterical - we had to lure him back down with a treat

Also at my birthday celebration 2.0 one brother loving on another brother

Wrap Wrap Wrap
I love Christmas Wrapping!  I pick out a "theme" of wrapping paper each year and have a ton of bows and genuinely enjoy nicely wrapping up my packages

Holiday Outfit Offices
On Monday the sweet boss lady and I both showed up at the office showing our Christmas spirit 

Last but not least… Friday Favorites
At church a couple weeks ago Derek was noticed by one of the choir members because he was so intrigued by them he kept looking back, one lady asked if he was a singer!  The next week the choir had a special handbell performance for the holidays - after the service Derek just "had" to test them out for himself.  
Bowl Pool Season
It's that time of the year again!! Bowl Powl Season!! Our family has a (very competitive) bowl pool each year - this year (and most years) the first game kicked off on my birthday).  I took my time and did some research and feel confident on my picks this year!

Curious Nash
When I arrived home for my family birthday dinner, Nash thought there was something in my purse for him (why wouldn't there be!?)
Steve passed on an heirloom from his old bar to ours - Derek loves everything about heineken and I loved how these were nicer than Derek's previous heineken glasses so it was a perfect fit!
Georgetown Cupcake Treat
Birthday Treats! I've got some great besties - I was so excited to see this package on our porch the day before my birthday.  When I saw the packaging I instantly knew it was my beloved Georgetown Cupcakes!!

Loving all my sweet birthday cards 
Nothing can beat a nice handwritten card and I have been loving displaying my nice cards
NFC East Division Winners 
Last but not least Derek's beloved Cowboys won the NFC East on Sunday - I came home a couple minutes before the game started to find him fully dressed in cowboys gear with the man cave ready to go.  I could also hear his cheers on the third floor while he was in the basement 

Lots of Christmas details, recipes and traditions coming up next week!


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