Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Decorations

Our first year decorating was a success! None of our decorations are super nice or fancy because we had to get a lot quickly but they work and we love them.  Some things we borrowed from Mom and we'll keep building each year - each Christmas getting a couple nicer items.

Derek took charge of these decorations - it's so nice to drive down the street and see your house lit up

We caught a 25% off at Target early in the season while Tree's were plentiful and bought early.  Our foyer has a lot of space and I thought a tree for that part of the first floor would be nice so we did a little tree with a gold, silver and cream theme.
 Our stockings are from Pottery Barn and the Joy sign from Home Goods.  I believe the rest of the decorations are from Michael's - the candle sticks are on the table all year round - also Pottery Barn

Manger Scene 
When Mom and Steve got married they each had a nativity scene and got a nice elaborate new one so now Davey uses Mom's and we use Steve's - in future years we might follow their lead and pick on of our own.  The signs are from Home Goods.

Family Room
The main attraction - our "main" Christmas Tree complete with deco mesh and red and green balls
Years past in NYC
 You can never have two many nativity sets, the "santa" Derek made in fifth grade! How cute is that to put out?! and as photo with Santa
 Coffee Table with my favorite candle, some placemats I had packed away, a Santa "S" Craft - details coming later, Santa's Coming to Philadelphia and my very favorite item that Mom gave me last week - a Good Housekeeping magazine from the month/year I was born!  What an awesome idea!

Dining Room:
Our regular place settings, just added poinsettia napkin rings and a runner to make for a festive touch
 easiest centerpiece ever - a glass jar we have and left over ornaments
Kitchen Area
I love the "don't get your tinsel in a tangle sign and the "Tina's Cookies" gingerbread house that houses a Christmas Cookie candle
 Winter Cookbook and the other side of the counter decorations 
 Our very own advent calendar - with Santa to move from day to day (Although if I know a day I'll be home Mom & Steve save the mouse for me! I've already requested the 23rd/24th)
 Another special one and no, it's not custom - Steve found this when him and Mom were out Christmas shopping - Christina's Christmas Shoppe
 The bottom of the steps was inspired by a Pinterest post but didn't quite turn out how I planned but we kept it anyway
 Powder Room
 Mom & Steve picked up these for each of us last year on a Christmas Trip to Virginia - 
"Santa's Magic Key"

Basement and Bar Area:
Joy and my favorite "Bob Buxton's Christmas Cheer Recipe"
My favorite decorations specific to this year - our "first Christmas Eve" and "first New Year's eve" bottles
 Recycled from my Allentown apartment 
 Derek's "man cave tree" and all our personal ornaments go on this one
 I made these ornaments last year: here


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