Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday Favorites

On the Second Week of December...
For the first time I got very caught up in the Hallmark Channel Christmas movies and as always ABC family
and of course these two specials
 We Embraced the Christmas Spirit
Long story short there's a stamp saver game going on at ACME - the guy man two people in front of me wasn't collecting and asked the girl in front of me if she wanted them and she wasn't collecting so she asked me and I said yes.  When she got her stamps she handed them back to me too but I didn't want to take everyone's so I asked the lady behind me and she was so thrilled that I offered and so excited and said it made her day and all of that made my day - Derek and I continue to both do little nice deeds like that each day to make other people's holiday season a little bit better.
 We Shopped til We Dropped.. Literally 
We a huge list to accomplish at KOP and we did everything on that list in one day - I was crazy for making the list and we were both crazy for completing it but we had fun and enjoyed our shopping date.
a nice lunch at Cheesecake Factory helped 
We also met Santa
New York City Day Trip
On Saturday I met Sam in New York and while the weather wasn't perfect, we still had a good day!
Time at Bryant Park
 and time at the big tree
 and time playing in the rain
Christmas music played in my car - non stop
I finally found my Christmas CD's which aren't really Taylor Swift and Jessica Simpson - I have two mixes I made of my favorite Christmas CD's that I keep in these cases (along with their holiday CD's)

We picked up items for our Angel Tree Gifts 
We had our First Annual Family Christmas Dinner at Maggianos
We did a little strolling through the mall first and admiring the Christmas decor while we waited for Derek, who had to work a little late
and one brother worked on his Christmas shopping for his sister 
We had a fantastic dinner and a great time - the restaurant was all decorated for Christmas
On Friday before my parents went to Penn State they stopped by to drop off a crockpot, with Nash, who NEVER turns down food - Derek had given Nash a stuffed animal he got from work and I tried to give Nash a milk bone and he let it fall off his face and drop to the ground to get back to his stuffed animal - we were all shocked.  He later ate the treat 
We had a little Sunday afternoon Football gathering - minus Davey since he was AT the game
 Wiped out from the excitement 
Date night combined with errand running
 Love our little town
 Our office was very very cold the day it snowed so my sweet Mom came in and said "do you want to warm your hands up on my coffee cup" (our hands are ALWAYS the coldest)
I did some work from home one day and nothing can beat the atmosphere of the tree lights on, a Christmas movie on and a candle lit
 Rarely happens - we put both cars in the garage due to the snow/cold - it's happened before but this was the first time I've actually seen both cars inside.


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