Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday Favorites

 We watched… 
We Decorated the Outside for Christmas
(final pictures coming later)
We Made Christmas Cheer
HUGE Buxton Family Tradition - Drinking Christmas Cheer over the holidays is a MUST do.  Davey, Steve & Derek made the batch of cheer at home last week and I usually help with that but this was our very first time making our own batches of cheer.. we were a little messy, but we think very successful!  We'll see in two weeks once it's ready for drinking. 
Two Jugs filled to the brim - I bought these in July to prep for Christmas (yes, Christmas is always on my mind) and I'm so excited that it's finally time to use them!
This crew had a Christmas Shopping day
The department stores that were waiting for after Thanksgiving finally had their decor up! Bloomy's below
 Happy Shoppers, missing our other two
We Celebrated with Grandmom at the 
Plush Mills Holiday Party 
(and saw Grandma celebrating with her group of friends) Well only Davey and I did!  Each person only gets two tickets since it gets so crowded - we were in the "early" sitting at 4pm.. We altered our lunch plans on this day :)

 They decorated so nicely for the party!  And seriously, check out that candy box! Someone gave Grandmom the biggest box of candy ever!  We for sure enjoyed taste testing
We celebrated our first Thanksgiving as husband and wife

And on Sunday when we got home we had our own Thanksgiving feast just the two of us with tons of left overs - not pictured, a lot more of the food.
Derek finished his Dale Carnegie class last week for work (we finally get to spend Tuesday nights together again, wahoo!) and he got his certificate this week!
 I have become obsessed with my Sparkling Cinnamon candle - I love putting candles out but don't usually burn them scared of fire but I love the holiday smell of this one and am addicted, it always needs to be lit while I'm working from the couch
 I had our Christmas Cards shipped to Mom's since it was easier and I love how minted tells who packaged your box - how funny, Packaged by Steve for Helen
Last night the Cowboys were the Thursday Night game - It gets me how many nights football can be on - but anyway, I was in the laundry room, on the upper level, with the washer AND the dryer going and could still hear his screams and cheers from the basement, luckily for our house it ended in a win!


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