Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

We spent some of the long weekend (Friday to Sunday) at the lake for a relaxing weekend

Poor guy - confused why he couldn't come upstairs to sleep too
 We were all up bright and early for the Penn State game in Ireland some mimosas and bloody mary's a big breakfast display and a big victory 
 Best Bugs on the porch
 3pm on Saturday afternoon - exactly a week to go!  All five of us cheering

 One week until Mr. & Mrs.
 I asked them for a photo - this is what I got

 Jealous the three boys weren't playing with him

Then he invited himself out into the lake

 Cocktail hour on the porch

 Nash & Nick have come a long way
 Trying so hard to stay awake and stay out with everyone
 Ready to kick off wedding season!
 Two of the three brides this fall

 Hunting for minos 

We finished off summer with a great grilling night.. until next summer

Xo C

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