Monday, September 29, 2014

I'm Back!!

I, Christina Henderson Sotherden, am back as "the new Mrs."!
 If you look up at the blog name, you'll see a new change :)
The month of September has been fantastic!  Our wedding week was filled with so much excitement and happiness - our wedding day was filled with fabulous, fun and love (reminiscing about our special day will never get old), our honeymoon was filled with relaxing, laughing, loving.. and a lot of eating and drinking (Derek said we can't eat or drink anything again for at least a month!), our first week back at home was an adjustment and now we are living in newlywed bliss and LOVING everyday - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday they are all almost as fun as the weekend days when you live with your best friend/roommate/husband.
What We've Been Up To...
{The Newlywed Diaries}
Steve paid me one of the biggest compliments the week of the wedding, he said, "I don't like reality TV but you guys really should have your own show."  We've had some funny/interesting/adjusting moments in our short time home so I think I'll add "The Newlywed Diaries" into my normal Friday Favorites post as well!
We are embracing our new home and learning saying "no" to things is okay and to just stay put an adjust to our new life - which is a little hectic right now as we get caught up on things - hopefully by late October we will be feeling at home, calmed down and ready for the holiday season! (and I'll stop calling our home, "the new house")

I'm so glad we waited to move in together until after the wedding because it is SO much fun! Living with your best friend is the best!  I love my new roommate but I do miss my old ones, see below...
I'm proud to say that in week two of being back to regular life, I haven't cried once!  In week one, I think I had a mini-meltdown most days - but hey, this is a big adjustment and we were dealing with major jet lag - at least I have a super supportive husband (thanks, Der) to help with the changes!  While I might be homesick sometimes, I'm super thankful that I'm homesick for a home that is 15 minutes away, that I probably was at four times last week in addition to my family stopping by "the new house"
In the midst of my mini-meltdowns which probably last five minutes, I'm having a blast being a wife!  Before the wedding I had never touched our oven (still had plastic wrapping in it a day before guests arrived), our stove, our washer/dryer or our dishwasher and in the past week I've tested them all out - made meals, done a lot of loads of laundry and ran the dishwasher (I know the novelty will ware off) but I enjoyed all of it!
(I wasn't super happy to look up and find Derek playing "paparazzi" with the camera)

We'll get to wedding memories later but I was surprised at how calm I was walking down the aisle (actually for the majority of the day) but when it came to changing my Facebook name, I panicked!! And I even messed up (cue a mini-meltdown) - I wanted my name to be Christina Henderson Sotherden - I didn't realized that changing your name IS NOT like changing your picture and you can't just do it multiple times - look for my next new name change in mid-November, when I'm "allowed" to change it again.
 Stop by on Friday to see an entire month's worth of "Friday Favorites" (Which is not that much since we were busy getting married, being in love and honeymooning) then Stay tuned for a couple of our personal wedding day/weekend photos (I can't wait until we get the photos back from the photographer and I can share those - probably after the holidays - but for now our friends and family did a pretty good job getting some shots to hold me over) and an overload of honeymoon photos - if your not interested in that, probably don't check back until November :)


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