Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thursday Favorites

A day early because, well, I'M GETTING MARRIED IN TWO DAYS!!

We spent the long weekend at the lake

Penn State had it's first game and victory of the season
 The scenery on our walks never gets old - I plan to *try* to still stop home some nights for walks
 Labor Day Weekend Friday - feeling blessed that I can just grab lunch with my parents on a Friday (Mom and I also took the day off to catch the holiday sales)
 I popped into Grandma's briefly - she's got her clothes for all three weddings layer out like this (these are just the ones for mine and Derek's)
Tuesday I finished getting ahead at work and walked out of the office for a final time as a single gal!
 Yesterday between errands I had some lunch at home - somebody was doing his best pose hoping to share those leftovers
The pig's countdown got smaller and smaller
 Wedding week is (aka this week in September) of course  hotter than it has been in years at this time - go figure!  I wish I could have thrown myself into the creek with Nash on this day - note that his head isn't even down to drink the water - just to lay.
 No matter how many times you go to Target, it's like you always forget something!  I think I was in Target about four times this week!

Xo C

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