Wednesday, July 21, 2021

This & That: Summer Snapshots

Summer has been flying by - the boys are both at such fun ages - Tatum is old enough to start to do activities and Teddy is at such a fun baby phase.  We spend a few days a week at the pool and Tatum has a lesson once a week which he loves.

Lots of firsts recently too - Tatum had his first tennis lesson last week and he absolutely loves it!  We've played with his racket every day since.  He also got his first big boy bike with training wheels and wakes up asking to ride it.

As far as Teddy's firsts, he just recently tried baby food (cereal) for the first time and loved it - he also loved holding the spoon.  He loves to army crawl his way to any toy he wants and is such a busy body!

We've been doing all the summer basics - sleeping in, doing s'mores and marshmallows, playing outside even though it's been in the 90's most days recently and staying up late (sometimes)!

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