Monday, July 19, 2021

Theodore: Six Months


Six Months!  I can't believe it's been half a year since our little Teddy joined our family.  He is at such a fun age - is always smiling, drooling up a storm, slowly working on his army crawl and can move himself all over the place.  A couple days after six months we tried baby cereal for the first time and unlike his brother - he loved it!  Looking forward to seeing his other baby food likes.  He sleeps 11-12 hours at night and tends to still let himself get over tired sometimes.  

Trips to Nantucket, Avalon and the lake house were all on his agenda this month and he continues to just go with the flow following big brother around to his activities.  Speaking of big brother, he loves to hold Teddy standing up, lay next to him in bed and jump into his playpen to play.

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