Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Weekend Scenes

We kicked off the weekend with a small gathering of friends for a Rudolph float to swing by for the kids to visit from a distance, sing/dance/do bubbles, get stickers, etc.  Tatum was quite scared of Rudolph then proudly talked the rest of the night how he was scared of Rudolph.

Saturday morning we were treated to a lazy morning and some sleeping in.  Bernard dropped off Gingerbread House and Gingerbread Cookie supplies to have fun with over the weekend.

We went to a local farm for a socially distant visit with Santa - wanted to make sure to have a memory of how things are different this year.  There was a little phone you could talk through to Santa and Tatum bravely told him a few things he wanted.

Sunday morning started off with a very nice sweet treat - Bernard was eating donuts and sent Tatum out to find some delivered for him on our porch.

After naps and such we went to the zoo to walk around for zoo lights - combination of Christmas lights and animals was a hit.

To finish out the weekend we finally got around to making the gingerbread house and cookies - We all enjoyed it together and Tatum kept saying "look at me, I'm cooking" while having fun using his cooking/baking gear.

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