Wednesday, December 16, 2020

December Things


The month is flying by even though many of our activities this year have to be done at home or are different.  Tatum has been having a blast each morning finding his elf, Bernard and also doing his advent calendar and moving the Christmas countdowns.

Preschool has been shut down this month so many days look like the first photo but we have gotten in a good bit of Christmas activity sheets and crafting to stay busy.

Each year I say I want to do Christmas baking and cookie decorating throughout the month - sometimes we get around to it and sometimes we don't but we did manage to make and decorate a few cookies the other night.

Tatum proudly helped right his letter to Santa and happily dropped it off.  Getting a candy cane afterwards might have been the biggest highlight of all.

Last night we drove around to look at Christmas lights, got takeout then settled in to start watching The Grinch - Tatum's elf dropped off some popcorn and candy to enjoy for movie night.

This month isn't all Christmas, Now that we're about a month or less to go until baby brother's arrival, I've finally been hard at work getting the nursery ready this past week and am just about done getting everything organized and put away.  We'll wait until right after Christmas to get out the rest of the baby gear for around the house once we put away the Christmas decorations - a little earlier than usual this year!

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