Monday, December 7, 2020

Christmas Bucket List

Like most things this year, our bucket list isn't quite as usual - no New York City, no going into the city to see The Nutcracker, no local parades and many more at home activities but I'm going to pack as much into the season as we can to enjoy!

We've already gotten to some things like picking our tree, decorating the tree & the house, watching Christmas movies each night, gingerbread house/gingerbread cookie making

Santa Visits - We were lucky enough to go to a local photographer's Santa Visit this year and Tatum got to sit right on his lap (sanitizing in between and we didn't see any other families during our visit) but we'll also visit again to get that socially distant photo to mark the year.

Christmas Lights - One super safe thing to do this year that luckily excites Tatum probably the most is looking at Christmas lights.  We've driven around our neighborhood a few times but also have plans to do a big car ride around town, visit a local park and possibly some other local light displays.

Local Events & Other Toddler Things - So far we still have some safe events on the calendar like Brunch with Santa, Gingerbread Wonderland, a neighborhood Santa visit and some gatherings with our small friend group.  We may even try for a quick overnight in PA.

Elf on the Shelf & Advent Calendars - At first thought Tatum wasn't super into Bernard, our elf (a little disappointing as I thought he would be but Tatum later told me he thought Bernard was bringing "all of the presents").  After a few days, he now asks me every morning to go down and see if "anard" moved and is thrilled with what he finds.  In addition, I usually like to send Bernard with a little craft, treat or activity for the day for entertainment.

This is the first year advent calendars have been such a hit - Tatum has a little train one and opens Stella's with her treat for her each day.  We also have the big Disney story book and open a book to read each night.

Crafting/Learning Activities -  Preschool is shut down for the month of December so I've tried to plan out a few Christmas learning activities, crafts and projects for each week - so far Tatum and I are both having fun with it.  We've been making sure to read a Christmas book or two a day as well.

Adopting Families/Donating - Tatum did get to tag along to help pick out the items for the Operation Christmas Child boxes and help put those together but most other things he'll just help drop off so it's less in person shopping. While some of the usual ways we donate look a little different this year, luckily they are all still happening and what better year to give back than this one!  

Looking forward to everything else ahead this season - wrapping gifts, Christmas pajamas, family and friend Christmas dinners/events even though they'll be at homes and not out, cookie baking, etc.  One big plus of this year is that other than a few small little things, I'm done Christmas shopping much earlier than usual.

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