Thursday, November 5, 2020

This & That

After being home since March (first picture sums that up), last week we had Tatum's preschool orientation and today - he finally had his first day in person today.  He went in no problem and came out wanting to stay longer!

Even though we can't attend games in person this year, Penn State's season finally started back up two weeks ago so we went up to Penn State for the weekend to at least enjoy one weekend up there this fall.

While being stuck at home we've done many house projects, I've been waiting on the completion of these rooms since the start of summer - we had our pantry done.

As well as the laundry room... 

This has been a busy week around here including voting in the election and also celebrating Derek's birthday - I can't believe it's November already.

We have some summer like weather in the days ahead so I'm looking forward to the boys heading to the golf course and I'm sure we'll all be playing golf in the yard with Tatum.

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