Wednesday, August 26, 2020

This & That: Summer Scenes

 Summer hasn't been quite like usual but we've made the most of it and had a great time.  Tatum's at a great age this summer and really coming into his own.  Swimming is always a highlight and as the days have gone on he's gotten brave enough to love jumping off the diving board, going down the slide and jumping into the pool by himself.

Another highlight continues to be golf.  He puts around the house with his many golf sets, cries if he knows Daddy goes golfing without him and asks "we go golf?" multiple times a week.  Getting to play on the real course at night with Dad is such a treat - you can see the excitement all over his face.

Even though with Covid we aren't quite back to normal routines, we've found ways to fill most summer days - though I do love our quiet mornings when we're home and just playing around the house.

A big helper - we made some dog ice cream for Stella to enjoy on hot days.  The plan was to make homemade ice cream or popsicles for us too but we haven't gotten to that one yet - maybe next summer.

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