Thursday, August 20, 2020

Nantucket: Part Three


Our final full day of the trip and last day in Nantucket.  After some morning porch time we headed back downtown to finish anything we'd missed before.  

We picked up sandwiches from Something Natural not too far from the hotel and walked back passing by the gorgeous New England homes.  Typically you can eat outside on picnic benches there but not this year so we walked back and had a picnic on our porch.

We spent the afternoon at another of the bigger beaches - Jetties.  Another good spot for kids because there aren't many waves.  We heard a lot of people complaining about jelly fish this day so we kept Tatum only right by the edge or playing in the sand.

We walked down the beach a bit past Galley Beach and stopped to play at Steps Beach - definitely the prettiest beach entrance and very instagram worthy.  Tatum had the best time jumping from the dunes and did it time after time.

The pool was specifically requested by Tatum earlier in the day so we finished the afternoon with that.  The hurricane was working its way up the coast so we took a nice break for nap, porch time and relaxing later in the afternoon to see what the weather would do but other than a quick sprinkle we got lucky.

We went to the Tavern on the Wharf right in the center of the wharf for our last dinner.  It was pretty chilly so the clam chowder tasted extra good.

Our ferry wasn't until after lunch our last morning and we'd planned to go over to Sconset for breakfast sandwiches, playground and stroll along the Bluff Walk but unfortunately we'd found out the night before the hurricane caused a bit of flooding in our basement at home so we moved up our ferry to mid morning to get home a bit earlier.


  1. Your New England vacation seemed so idyllic!! So sorry to hear about your basement flooding...hopefully it wasn't too bad when you got back home!

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