Tuesday, August 18, 2020



We were up early and ready to take the Hyline Ferry over to Nantucket, but when we got to the ferry docks we found out ours was cancelled and we'd have to wait until the next one.  We got breakfast, walked around the shops and then finally were on our way.  The Grey Lady was the nicest of the ferrys and we enjoyed being able to sit outside in open space.

After we met someone from the hotel to pick up our bags, we walked around the downtown area a bit and then walked the short walk over to the hotel to check into our cottage.  It was nice having plenty of space for Tatum to play and we loved our porch.  He accumulated a ton of stuffed animals left for him in each location.

We got changed into our bathing suits and went down the street to Brant Point Beach - right by Brant Point Lighthouse and at the part of the island where boats area coming and going which was fun to watch.  It was personally my favorite beach because while it was really small, it was great for kids to swim and you couldn't beat the views of ocean and boats.

Dinner was at Millies over in Madaket - we had to wait about an hour so we walked over to the beach to play and watch the sunset - I'd heard that it was the best spot to watch sunsets on the island and it definitely was - such a pretty view.  

The outdoor tents with picnic tables, strings of lights and music at Millies was a fun setting and the Mexican food was worth the wait.

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