Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Nantucket: Part Two


Getting close to the end of our trip, we had a quiet morning playing on the patio and then walked over to town shortly before the shops opened for breakfast treats from Provisions and shopping.  After a fun morning of shopping we got pizza from Oath and ate on a quiet bench on the pier.

The next part of our day was something new to us - sailing!  We sailed around Nantucket seeing the island from the water and experiencing a new type of boat ride which we all had fun with.  Endeavor sailing is definitely a popular excursion for anyone visiting Nantucket.

We took a little break at the cottage to cool off and let Tatum nap for a bit then went to another beach down the street, Children's Beach.  Another great spot for kids since it's a smaller beach, boats in the background and a playground/snack bar right there too.

Dinner was one I was really looking forward to - outside on the patio at Brandt Point Grill.  There's a big grassy area for kids to run around (usually lawn games but not this year) and boats in the background.  The burata and tomato from Bartlett's Farm was so good and the lobster mac n cheese was hard to pass up. 

We walked around downtown and shopped up the upper part of Main Street before finishing the night at the famous Juice Bar.  The line is always wrapped around the corner and for good reason - our ice creams were delicious.  The hotel was showing the Little Mermaid so we caught the end of it with some popcorn for Tatum by the pool then enjoyed our porch for the rest of the night.

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