Monday, September 23, 2019

Weekend Scenes

Happy Monday!  We had a wonderful weekend away... Friday morning we dropped Tatum off at my parents and set off for DC to visit our best friends.  We settled in, did a little shopping and then went out for drinks, dinner and fun with friends - and a little touristy, drinks looking out at the White House.

Saturday we took advantage of our friends rooftop pool and grabbed lunch - with the amount of pool days I've done with Tatum this summer, it was nice to have some quiet time to lay out.

That afternoon/evening we went over to Annapolis, MD for a couples bridal shower for another one of our best friends.  It was Mexican themed and the best time - we were exhausted afterwards so it was early to bed for both of us.

Yesterday we got home just in time to pickup Tatum and Stella and go to our country club's Fall Harvest event.  The Eagles game, bounce house, pumpkin painting, etc.  it was a great way to spend a Sunday and especially some time with Tatum after the weekend away!

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  1. So much fun, one of my favorite cities! Pool time sans the kiddos is heavenly <3

    Green Fashionista