Monday, July 15, 2019

Weekend Scenes

We had a great weekend doing a mix of things - mainly spending time outside since the weather was so nice.  On Thursday I shopped the Nordstrom sale early with a few girlfriends and it was a great way to start off the weekend.

I had to wake these two up on Friday but after the three of us took a morning walk and I did a few things around the house we picked up sandwiches and headed to the pool late morning for swimming and lunch before nap time.

Friday afternoon we made our way up to the lake for the night and got there just in time for happy hour, appetizers and then pizza later on.

Saturday might have been one of our nicest days so far this summer!  Lots of sun, lots of breeze and a great dock day - we headed down late morning until lunch time and let Tatum nap in the shade to stay down a little bit longer.

After lunch it was back down to do more of the same.  Tatum swam until he was exhausted again and enjoyed special dock treat - a popsicle.  We left for home late in the afternoon for a BBQ.

Sunday morning and afternoon we enjoyed some deck time as it wasn't overly hot back there.  I hadn't filled Tatum's water table in a while so he loved doing that while I read my book and Derek relaxed.

In between deck time we went to the country club with friends for swimming and lunch.  Tatum fell asleep poolside so we left for nap and then finished the weekend by making chicken enchiladas for dinner.


  1. What a perfect weekend with both time at the lake and home!

  2. Girl, you did some damage at the NSale! I still haven't ordered my stuff yet since I have to wait for it to open to the public, so hopefully everything I want won't be sold out!