Friday, July 26, 2019

Home Updates

It's been a little while since we had any home projects going on.  Earlier in July we painted most of the house (other than the bedrooms which we'll do over the winter to break it up) and updated a few light fixtures.

This gave us the push we needed to finish any extra decor items, etc. and really complete things.

In addition to painting, we wallpapered a few rooms too.  My favorite print is in my office - I love how it came out and the pattern has navy/blues in it which ties to a couple other rooms in the house that we painted different shades of blue.

My favorite room may be the smallest - the powder room.  In addition to the wallpaper print I was able to find some touches that matched really well so the room came together easily.  We have a new light fixture so are just working on switching out the hardware on the sink and toilet paper holder.

The last of the wallpapered rooms (for now) is the living room - I wanted to do this one wallpapered instead of the dining room because in the winter months I spend a good amount of time sitting in here. We were able to keep all the same pillows, rugs, decorations and some wall hangings then just added a few extra. 

It took us a while to settle on this shade of navy but I'm glad we did - for now we're using the wall hangings that were in the living room and eventually we'll change those out.  Our conservatory has a lighter shade of blue so this room really ties well together with that and the living room in between.


  1. Your office wallpaper is just amazing! I love the fun pop it gives the room! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I love the wallpaper in your living room! And the navy in the dining room!! So gorgeous!

  3. Your home is just so stunning. Then entry is what dreams are made of - so grand! I absolutely love all the paint colors you choose. So pretty and timeless!

  4. Your home is so extremely Pinterest pretty! Love the colors of your dining room and all the decor you chose to make it complete.

  5. Love that you wallpapered as well, obsessed with the print in the living room and the dark color in the dining room <3

    Green Fashionista