Friday, May 10, 2019

This & That

Happy Friday!  This picture sums up life lately - we've had a lot of rainy and bad weather days - hoping for a lot of sunshine soon!  I usually only use my Lilly umbrella to take Stella out so since we were walking to a birthday party down the street I put it to good use.

Last week when we got back from Kiawah, I got off the plane and went right to meet girlfriends at a Baubles for Breast Cancer event - a lot of boutiques bring items for purchase and some proceeds go towards Breast Cancer - it's always such a fun night and I walked away with a few goodies + dinner with girlfriends.

My little helper helping me unpack from the trip and do laundry, if only he could put it away!!

Happy hour for everyone - a glass of wine for me, playing for Tatum and watching over everything for Stella - I love relaxing in my chair reading while Tatum plays.

1 comment:

  1. that breast cancer event looks fab. and how cute are you guys with that lily umbrella! hope you get some sun sometime soon
    xoxo cheshire kat