Wednesday, May 15, 2019

A Day in the Life (18 months)

I love these toddler days at home with Tatum and while they may just be boring week days, I love looking back on them.  I picked this past Monday, May 13th - which was a rare cold and rainy day around here.  Tatum slept until 7:45 this morning which is a full hour behind his usual 6:45/7 wakeup (on occasion even earlier).  Since it was dreary out and the day after Mother's Day I brought him into bed with us, which I usually only do if he's up early.  Typically we're at the gym extra early on Mondays so I can work out and he can play before his swim lesson but today we decide to do that after so have a little bit more time.

By about 8:30 we're all downstairs for breakfast, again behind our usual but oh well!  Tatum screams if he doesn't get to take Stella out so we both take her, I start him on breakfast (yogurt, banana, hard boiled egg and muffins) then get Stella's food, run the dishwasher and check the gym/swim bag that everything's ready to go and take a quick peek at my to do list for the day.

10-10:30 Tatum has his swim lesson which usually Derek is able to come do with him so I sit, watch and catchup on things on my phone.  Usually we leave right after but since we're doing the gym afterwards today I drop him off at child watch to play for the next hour and around 11:30 we head home for lunch.

Noon - lunch time!  Tatum has a cheese sandwich, cheese puffs, strawberries and I have some leftover broccoli salads from Mother's Day.  12:30 it's up to nap time for Tatum and to do all the things for me - take a shower and get changed from the gym, a little work doing miscellaneous things in the office and an online order or two with some reality tv in the background.

Tatum's naps are usually always right around 2 hours give or take a little bit but he got to stay up late for Mother's Day, was up overnight because of teeth coming in and he had a busy morning so he spoiled me with a three hour nap - it was so nice!  I had just enough time to get chicken spaghetti prepped and ready to drop off for a friend and keep some for us before he woke up.

3:15 - We cuddle a little then he's right back into playing with his toys and having a snack.  I clean up the kitchen and then sit with him until about 4:30 when it's time to drop off the dinner; when we get home I get the oven heating to make ours which of course, we play until it's ready.

5:30 - Tatum and I have a dinner date and each watch a show since Derek had to run to the office for some late in the day meetings (usually he works from home on Mondays) then we get the food heated back up for him while Tatum enjoys his dessert and I clean up.

After dinner is always a mix of things - if it was nice we'd be on the deck or take a walk but today we just have some family time inside.  Derek and I also go over paint colors as we're finally getting around to paining our house two years later, ha!  

7:15 - it's up to bath time, story time and bedtime for Tatum which Derek does each night so I do a quick cleanup before heading into my office for a little bit to work on some plans for an upcoming trip.  I love having all the fresh flowers from Mother's Day all over.

The Bachelorette is on and it's time to relax!  I watch this while Derek watches something else and we both head up to bed right around 10.  After a little bit of reading I'm asleep pretty quickly (which is good because yesterday Tatum was back to his early wakeup call)... so there you have it, a very low key day but I'll miss these toddler days as they seem to be flying by.


  1. These are the best posts. And will be so sweet to look back on at Tatum gets older!

  2. My favorite posts to read!! Teething is so tough - it seems like they're only content in your arms! Side note - so happy the bachelorette is back on! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Low key toddler days are the best, and YAY for swim lessons! And as much as I wasn't looking forward to Hannah as the next Bachelorette, after the 1st episode I'm kinda loving her. She seems like a REAL breath of fresh air for the series <3
    Green Fashionista

  4. Nothing wrong with low key days, especially with a little cutie pie. Those are the best.