Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Memorial Day Weekend Scenes

Friday morning the three of us started our day with strawberry picking - it was a gorgeous day and nice to be outside - we let Tatum play at the playground there afterwards which he loved - more from this next week... 

Tatum and I went to my parents afterwards for some time to play as well as lunch since Derek was heading off to golf.  It was fun family time that we all enjoyed.  We jumped right into naps when we got home.

Derek didn't get home until later in the evening but luckily I'd picked up our favorite salads for us and a pizza for Tatum so dinner was ready when he got back.  Tatum and I played inside and on the deck and then Derek put him to bed while I had a glass of wine on the deck.

Saturday Derek went to the lake to help put the dock in so it was another day of fun for Tatum and I - after the gym I took him to get his haircut and then we did a few things around the house until nap time.

I got out a bunch of miscellaneous little outside toys while he was napping so he was in complete heaven playing on the deck for the rest of the afternoon - I enjoyed it too.. the weather was wonderful.

Once Derek got back the three of us went out for pizza al fresco as well as some ice cream for Tatum - we haven't been out the three of us in a while so it was nice!

On Sunday I took Stella and Tatum for a nice long walk and then we all did some yard work for a little while too.

Around lunch time we decided to go over to our country club for lunch outside and then let Tatum swim for a little bit - the pool was freezing so we didn't last too long.

That night we decided to have a little steak night - it rained right as we were getting things ready to go but luckily it was a quick rain then done so we watched from under cover on our front porch and by the time the steaks were ready it was dry and sunny to eat outside.

On Memorial Day it was the same as the day before playing on the deck and swimming!  We picked up sandwiches to pack and take to our neighborhood pool and spent the afternoon there before taking a quick break and going over to my parent's house for a family bbq.  We had some great family time and a classic barbecue for the holiday - my mom had a delicious strawberry pie for a special treat for dessert.


  1. Yay for wine on the deck and dining al fresco. And now I'm totally craving pizza <3
    Green Fashionista

  2. So sweet! I want to take my boys strawberry picking! Glad y'all are enjoying some great weather.