Thursday, February 22, 2018

Palm Beach: Day One

One of our favorite parts of each winter is our annual trip down to Palm Beach - it was so special to have Tatum there with us this year and while the trip was a little different with him there, it was so much fun! 

We stayed at The Breakers and we're always so sad when we have to leave there.  Our room was ready right away and we had a few minutes to freshen up and get into our summer gear before meeting a dear friend for lunch outside by the pool.

We were pumped to be in the warm weather! It's been a freezing winter up here and even sitting out in the shade with Tatum was very well welcomed.  He loved the pool - whether being floated around or especially stepping on the steps and splashing.

We spent the rest of the afternoon under an umbrella - napping, watching, playing - a little different than the usual cocktails and sunbathing, reading, free time, etc.

Tatum settled in for an afternoon nap so we happily enjoyed a quiet happy hour before ending our time in the sun for the day.

We kept it easy that night and just walked downstairs to one of our favorites, The Seafood Bar.  It was pretty crowded but they got us in quickly to a quiet table and we lucked out that Tatum fell asleep for the whole meal shortly after we sat down.


  1. Tatum seems like he does so good when you guys go out - that is so nice! What a great first day you guys had!

  2. I love that y’all are still getting to do all of your annual trips with Tatum this year! That’s awesome that he loves the pool so much, and I bet that he’ll love getting to play at the lake too this summer!

  3. Love The Breakers! :-) My sister got married there ten years ago so I have fond memories of Palm Beach. Anyway!! Glad that you all had a fun trip! :-)