Monday, February 5, 2018

3 Month Favorites

Tatum will be four months in just under two weeks but better late than never!  At three months to the day just about he became so much more of a real little person - we've been having so much fun starting to play and somewhat have the hang of things.

A few of our favorites from this month... 

Aquaphor: Tatum had a huge dry patch on his forehead and with this it cleared up in a day! He's had some dry skin on his belly and arms and this helps tremendously. 

Comotomo Bottles: We alternate between these and the Tomee Tipee brand but these are the favorite - they rarely leak and he seems to like them the best.

Hand and Face Wipes: Every morning I wash his hands and face first thing - with germ season and the fact that he just found his hands and loves to eat/play with them - I'm always wiping his hands while we are out.

Summer Infant Brush: As he keeps slowly getting more and more hair, I love to brush it! He had a little bit of cradle cap so we'd use baby oil then during his bath use a brush to brush it right out - works great.

VTech Caterpillar: We are slowly getting into play and by that usually I hold a toy and do it for him or he sits in my lap and is slowly getting it - this toy is a favorite and easy to pack in the diaper bag.

Infantino Tee Pee: His favorite activity by far is laying on his playmate to kick - I love this tee pee because he can use it now as a play mat and keep using it for the next year or so until he's ready for a real one.

Fisher Price Kick N Play Piano:  My parents got him this for Christmas and it's probably our most used toy - he loves this little piano - we just lay it under his feet and he plays away.

Similac Sensitive:  We bottle feed and he's done so well with this from the start - we prefer the small liquid bottles as opposed to the large jugs - it just is easier.  We use the powder version when we are out of the house.

Dock a Tot: This is probably our most used item.  He slept in it in his bassinet for the first 2 months and now still uses it sometimes to lay and play on.

Fisher Price Swing:  He is still loving his swing and will take at least a few naps a day in it.

Pacifier: Tatum is a pacifier boy and we always make sure to have a few on hand when we leave the house.  We got a variety before he was born and he seems to like any kind - We always try to hook them onto something to not loose them.

Happy Monday! xx 


  1. Our neighbors were actually using the same little bottles last night - they looked so cute! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. My boys both used Similac Sensitive and it worked really well with their little tummies. We *still* use Aquaphor in this house -- for our boys and for us! (Especially me for my hands this time of the year.) Happy Monday!

  3. We use that same formula and she has done so well with it from the start. All such great items! We used the heck out of that piano and just recently packed it up. Can't believe how fast he is growing!!

  4. That kick and play piano really is the best thing ever! Our friends got the girls one for Christmas too and they love to make music on it! They’ve gotten bigger now so we bought another one so we have dueling pianos!

  5. How adorable is that tee pee! Even at 15 months, Serena is still loving that piano. Anything that makes noise <3
    Green Fashionista

  6. That tee pee is so cute!!! I love seeing your photos and Instastories of Tatum too. He is SO cute!!! :-)

  7. We STILL use those hand and face wipes all the time. I keep some with me at all times!